The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Recently bought a used Wii U so I’m able to try the latest installment in the Zelda series. It’s mind-blowing! Possibly one of the most liberating open-world games I’ve tried so far. Anyone else enjoyed this game and have any tips, tricks or cool Easter eggs to show me?


I think I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and buy a Switch at some point because I really want to play this, and apparently there’s a sequel coming out.

But I also feel guilty that I have several PS4 games that I’m yet to play.

Maybe if I end up taking a holiday or going back overseas I can justify it as a travel device :grinning:

Then there’s the Switch remake of Link’s Awakening coming out too, which is my 2nd favorite Zelda game of all time, after A Link To The Past (this is a list that doesn’t include BoTW since I haven’t played it).


I loved how little friction there is in the game, I was gobsmacked to find that the game allowed me to mount a horse from a paraglider, ride over to an enemy, and jump off my horse and bring a swift attack in a series of smooth continuous movements.

I’d rate the game an 11/10 on freedom :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re releasing a “budget” Switch (no TV connectivity or removable joy cons) but it is around £80-100 cheaper than the “original”.

I’m waiting for a few more AAA games that interest me (that aren’t remakes) until I can justify - I do really wanna play BOTW though :frowning_face:

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Yeah, this is the thing about Nintendo. It’s all about their first party titles. They can’t compete with Sony on overall range, but then their first party titles are just so good…


I know but I can’t justify a £200+ console to play BOTW and games I’ve already played before :cry:

I just want to shake Nintendo sometimes and be like “THERE ARE OTHER GAME DEV STUDIOS OUT THERE”


I theoretically agree, but I pretty much bought the PS4 solely because Shenmue 3 got announced for it after 15 years of waiting :joy:

Since getting it, I’ve found so many incredible games though, and it was amazing to finally play The Last of Us after years of hearing the hype… which it more than lived up to!


Love my switch and love BOTW, clocked over 220 hours on it now and still trying to finish it :rofl:


That’s fair :laughing:

TBH if Persona 5 had been announced on the Switch I would’ve bought it, but ATLUS don’t like Nintendo clearly - apart for Smash, they love Smash…


Your Boko club will always be badly damaged

There’s cool things like there’s a mountain that glows green and you can get a ghost horse thing, which disappears as soon as you get off it

My eldest has completed it twice and is now doing it again so I’m an expert at watching it :grin:


BOTW is my favourite zelda game of all time since the OOT/Majora’s mask era. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but explore as much as you can at an enjoyable pace.

Minor trick: On a slope, press ZL to raise your shield, then tap the X button to jump and then hit the A button to make Link jump into the shield. Preferably a big slope.


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What Boko club? hahaha