Pokémon: Sword and Shield ⚔️🛡️

Evening. :wave:

So the new Pokémon region Galar is inspired by the UK :eyes:

Anyone bought it? If you did, Sword or Shield?

Got it for the kids

We got Sword


I’m supervising and offering helpful advice :eyes:

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I’ve been reading all sorts of horrors and disappointing missing features.

Might be giving it a miss. At least until it comes down in price.

Got Sword as an incredible leaving present from work yesterday.

Haven’t played since Pearl/Diamond on my original gen DS and so this feels amazing. Full 3D pokemon, enormous feeling world. So cool.


Ignore the the toxic hate about it, the reviews have been good so far, I’m getting it next week

The ability to buy yellow plaid socks and trousers should not be underestimated

The eldest is a huge Pokemon fan and was telling me how bad the reviews were and that it looked like it was going to be disappointing.
Hasn’t stopped playing it since 10 this morning and a few hours yesterday so I think it is much better than expected

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I bought shield today (after having finished Luigi’s Mansion in record time and trading it in!)

As much as I begrudge GAME, I got 25% extra trade-in value as I was buying a new release game, so traded Luigi’s Mansion for £37.50!

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Eldest has completed the game and rates it 6.5/10