The end is nigh

Having been a long time lurker, but only actually created an account today I think it’s painfully clear now that it’s time the forum was shut down. This place has become a hive of negativity, mainly because of a few select people who seem to have nothing better to do than spend all their time on here shutting down anything negative about Monzo. It’s not a good look!!

Monzo, please follow Starling’s example and kill the forums, they’re not doing you any favours, and a few select fanboys/trolls are spoiling it for everybody else now.

The forums are a shitshow, let’s admit it. Probably best to shut it down as it’s useless in its current state due to the trolls/fanboys.


What is the point in creating an account to post this?

Ironically you are contributing to the “hive of negativity”.


Thank you for proving my point


Whatever else it is, it’s a very different place compared to 12 months ago - probably even less.

I’m wondering if some of the souring happened when that statement casting doubt on longevity was made.

How much of the unpleasantness has been as a result of lockdown? :thinking:


Edit: and it’s closed !!!
A real toughening of the moderating stance it seems…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not encouraging genuine discourse though, by closing it. :smirk:


There is nothing constructive within your post. It is just that this is a terrible place and should be shut down. Someone disagrees and you shoot them down.

What matters is people are constructive and support people who need help.


Though not confined to any one camp.


Thanks for giving your input @elonbobby but the direction of this Topic isn’t something that would really enrich the content on the Community and with that in mind I’ll be going ahead and closing the Topic.