Goodbye and good night

Hello users and staff of the monzo forum

This is my request to delete my account from the forum.

I just feel pushed out.
Let me explain

I don’t talk to people from the UK outside of work, I don’t understand most references and did not even know alot of references and stuff. My online life and this forum opened up to me how much I don’t fit in my own country. (politics and culture in general) I would like to leave but can’t due to being low skilled. Also I don’t know if I would fit in anywhere and i’m clueless but I don’t belong here.

Thanks for your time


I’m sorry you feel pushed out. :cry:

You’re more than welcome to stay. One of the best parts of online forums is they attract all sorts of different people. Some of us are nothing alike, but we all belong here - because we have all chosen to be. Why not keep your account open in case you decide you want to stay? :blush:


Why don’t you just not login to the forum? Why would you like it deleting? You might want to come back someday.


If you’re concerned about fitting in then leaving isn’t going to help with that :confused:

Stick around, ask questions if you don’t know or understand something so you can learn. Otherwise you’re going to be stuck in this endless loop bouncing from place to place.


Hey @desu, I’m sorry to hear you feel that way :frowning:. IMO there’s a wide variety of people living here and I don’t believe there’s a “right” set of interests you need to have so please don’t feel you have to leave if you have some different views on things - diversity is generally a good thing!

Plus, in future there should be more people from other countries on here as Monzo expand in those geographies :slight_smile:

I hope you consider staying.

The forum can, at times, seem quite alien and negative at times, I took a break from it a couple of months ago. And the references and things you’ll pick up over time, and you can ask if you want to understand, most people will happily explain as we know not everyone on here is native to the UK or has English as their first language.

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Thanks everyone, I just needed a break and overreacted.
I’m from the UK but due to social anexity and stuff I can’t relate to alot of people here due to me not talking to people apart from the odd time at work. (Wharehouse work is great for those with social anexity btw) (i’ve never spoke to people since I left school at 16)
I love the mix of people and stuff its just everyone now and again overacts when they need to take a break.


Glad you took a break.

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It’s good to take a break, and take stock. Glad to see you are still with us. R-


Hi @desu - glad to hear you’re sticking around. If there’s anything we can do to make your time here easier or simpler, just let us know. You can always drop me a DM too :hot_coral_heart:


A bad day is it? Not a great example of a first post.

Sure, the forum isn’t a counselor, but it’s a community none the less and we’re here to help people with all matter of topics and issues.

Why did you have to comment on this, it’s quite clear the person is having a hard time, they don’t need further issues. If you have an issue with it, just ignore it and move on?

Completely disrespectful.


You’re right I didn’t have to reply but when I get an email with this on it why not? I’m glad you felt compelled to respond though.

It’s a randomly generated email afaik

Part of the code of conduct for the forum includes

Cultivating a network of support and encouragement for each other

Here is the full thing


Nobody is forcing you to criticise and invalidate other users, but here we are.

Not a great first impression. Welcome to the forum. :upside_down_face:


It’s called compassion and empathy. That’s why not. But I understand if that level of emotional labour is probably not something you are used to.


Brad, would you have made that kind of comment in person? If you weren’t having the best kind of day, were talking about it and someone belittled you then how would that make you feel?


Glad you’ve decided to stay. There are some people on here I personally find difficult but many more who are very constructive and positive. I have periods where there seems to be a lot of negatively on particular threads and just step back - but there are plenty of good discussions with helpful comments and constructive criticism. Hope you enjoy the forum and it’s fine to take a breather at any point - I certainly do from time to time. All the best! Chris