Should Monzo just do a Starling

And close this place down?

Too many threads getting locked, Too many flags, too much fighting and basically just not fun anymore.

  • Yes
  • No

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If not should they just make it like the Nationwide’s one?

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Stay on topic yeah

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Honestly don’t know anymore


It’s a small group of people who are causing the trouble on here. The solution is self-evident.


It’s frustrating when threads started in good faith (my Sent From Monzo thread for example) get locked for off topic posts. I think post removal and, if necessary, temporary bans is the way forward.


Originally I couldn’t see why Starling closed their community. I can now.

I know I like to pick a fight, but it’s entirely red wine related.


I think stricter sanctions need to happen.

If youre getting flagged regularly theres usually a reason. No smoke without fire as they say?

Also do what other forums do and have less tolerance with newer accounts (to stop trolls)


In the eyes of the person flagging yes. The amount of stuff flagged in the last few day is ridiculous. Of the ones I’ve read, which is most, I can understand why some have been flagged but some I had no clue as the content was entirely fine.

Flagging is rubbish and one thing I dislike about discourse


I dearly hope they do not close it for both our benefit

I have already been through this with Starling, but in that case it always felt more like the pet project of a couple of the staff than something running through their veins

I can see concrete specific examples where Monzo have done a better job of a release feature through Labs feedback and the engagement around business accounts, though not affecting me at all, seems encouraging


I’d really be disappointed if this closed down. Tons of great people have helped me figure out ways to save money, make more and it’s been a huge help and now I have more in my account than I ever have, mostly due to tips and suggestions I’ve been given here.

Every forum has arguments, but honestly if people just ignored them half of it wouldn’t spark off anyway :slight_smile:


I’d be interested to know if it’s the same people flagging posts all the time. It’s getting tedious seeing them flagged now.


I think everyone knows the advantages and disadvantages of monzo. Yes, other banks do have better features, but Monzo has some nice ones too.

I use Monzo as it’s relatively simple imo. Don’t want too many features in the home feed thrown in my face.

I do think there are features lacking and aspects where they need to improve too. But that is true for every product.

Also, do answer the topic. If you don’t like the forum, why not just not use it? Don’t mean to cause offence to anyone, but if I find a forum toxic I don’t post there or read it :confused:


Definitely not, this forum is a great source of info and it’s impressive how fast Monzo have been moving with features as of late and the discussions around it.

I haven’t noticed too many problems, myself. But I do think more active moderation would help, it doesn’t always seem there are many employees about.

I would be happy with standard forums practices like no referral links (this is one thing that does annoy me because people’s self-interest gets in the way of good advice), more obvious newbie accounts e.g. they are highlighted as a newbie, because post counts aren’t shown here as obviously and strong moderations to posts that are personal attacks (suspension, banning).

Forums like overclockers uk have been running successfully for years. As with all successful forums, it’s all about good leadership and stewardship. If people perceive there’s a problem, Monzo should be the ones to provide that leadership.


I had a post flagged today, for a reason I don’t understand.

The community is great and vital to Monzo, however, there are one or two posters with agendas and will go to any thread and post that agenda


Seeing half of a topic flagged and then eventually half of the posts moved off to a hidden part of the forum is really off putting; what’s so hard with a civilised conversation with both sides of a conversation being able to be aired without all this silliness.


Depends if both sides are prepared to be sensible about it I guess. I agree it would be nice.


It’s also getting rather tedious seeing the same two or three people crashing every thread

I wish we could move on and not have to have this conversation as this forum is as much the spirit of Monzo as any number of hot coral cards


Simon has been typing a while. I feel like we’re in trouble. :no_mouth:


We definitely aren’t closing down the forum any time soon.

As some of you know, I look after Monzo Socials around the country. In the last 6 months, we’ve held community events in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, London and Brighton.

If there’s one consistent thing that comes up, it’s that people appreciate our approach to community and the forum. They absolutely love that we transparently gather feedback and use it to improve the product. There’s numerous examples of people who were passionate forum members being hired and going on to do amazing things.

What’s even more impressive is the emails and calls I’ve had from other large fintech companies, who are absolutely blown away by what we have here and would like to participate. I don’t need to name names - just check out the Fintech Q&A series :wink: Simply put, any startup or even big established business would move heaven and earth to try and create what we’ve created here. Many have tried, to varying degrees of success. Either community is the backbone of what you do, or it isn’t. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to force it. If it is, you have the opportunity to really build something people actually want to use.

There’s a few things that we need to do here. We probably could do with being more heavy-handed at times to ensure the Code of Conduct is followed. As has been noted, when the atmosphere occasionally gets a bit darker, it’s usually just down to a small group of people. It’s totally fine - and even encouraged - to criticise something if you don’t agree with it, but what’s important is the intention behind it.

If your attention is to help us improve because you appreciate what we’re doing, and you’re able to discuss that in a rational, constructive way? We appreciate that sincerely.

But if your attention is to throw mud, to antagonise people, to deliberately stir the pot… Whether that’s because you prefer another fintech company, or because you have a personal axe to grind against a particular individual here (whether that’s staff members, coral crew, or regulars), or simply because you’re getting your Heath-Ledger-As-The-Joker on and like watching the world burn… Then this isn’t the place for you.

Nah, just multi-tasking as per usual :wink:


Brilliantly put as always @simonb I love the community here. Would hate to see it close down due to a small minority.


Well put. Both sides of the argument will hopefully take notice of this.

Sensible discussion is needed please!