Monzo Community 🍑


I’ve been trying to get my Monzo community account closed because this platform is more clapped than Monzo’s culture. It’s simply not as easy to just log off and never look back because there’s always drama unfolding here. It’s rather tempting to keep coming back. It’s like an addiction. So I just need to be removed from the platform by force. A bit like any anti Monzo opinions.

The user with a sun profile picture that begins with R and ends in S is like the ring leader of toxicity & the rest of the “Monzo” simps that invested £1 into the bank just appear to fight against any comment that is anti Monzo in the slightest.

Stay groovy. Stay fluid, Announcing my departure. Monzo sucks (my right to have an opinion expressed). This community is the biggest waste of space rolling. Subscribe to premium. Sleep with your metal card and don’t forget to take out a loan so that the bank can make some money. Oh and don’t forget to get your monzo merch on flex finance. :rofl:

All statements are made in satire (maybe). Who knows.


Hi, dropping you a DM to arrange this for you. I don’t think this needs to be an open thread.