The Colour of the Debit Card


Why can’t @aCCount have liked stuff like the features Monzo provide and their company ethos, but not be a fan of the card colour?

As far as I can tell they haven’t said anything to suggest they didn’t know that Monzo would give them a hot coral card.

Also, the colour of the card is definitely not one of Monzo’s main USPs - their features and company ethos are - just some of their branding. It’s perfectly acceptable to dislike aspects of a company’s branding and marketing while loving their product.

Isn’t the obvious answer to this that they don’t like Hot Coral?

NB: personally I’m a huge fan of Monzo’s Hot Coral card - it’s easier to find if I lose it!

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I think the fact that the colour of the card keeps coming up in various threads is a sign that Monzo are doing things right.

Clearly the people who are hankering over different colour cards (and metal ones) are happy enough with the service that they are focusing in on one thing that still irks them. Right?

And from a marketing point of view, the fact that the colour is divisive is a bonus. It gets people talking about Monzo, that’s half the battle!

P.S. I like the Hot Coral, but wish the Joint cards were more easily identifiable. There, I said it!

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The second screen that you see when signing up is about the card and this promotes the coral colour, so they certainly like to shout about it if it’s this prominent.

No. There could be a multitude of reasons.

Edit: thanks @gmclean you’re a good example to prove my point :blush:

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Here to disprove your theory. :raising_hand_man:

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I don’t think they’ll be introducing new colours any time soon. Hot Coral is working for Monzo and is clearly identifiable, setting it apart from other banks and creating conversation opportunities. Team Hot Coral FTW.

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Um… so here’s the new colours @katewilliams

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I had a thread a while back suggesting different “types” of Monzo Cards used the 4 colours in the Monzo logo so as to not break from branding… but I guess that is off the table now that you have the card colour as part of Monzo Plus…

I personally don’t like the idea of Monzo Plus and Monthly Fee bank accounts - it seems unethical to preach about “being money smart” and then charge you for small things like custom cards etc. But hey, that’s just my 2 cents - and I know many feel differently.

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Hi, I’d really love if we could have a little more freedom over our card designs/colours.

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From memory, this thread discusses that very subject so I’ve moved your posts here.


My post is not directed at anyone in particular. But i am AMAZED at how many posts there are on this forum about the debit card!
Honestly if people care about their image to the point that the color of their debit card is an issue… Well, I’m aghast.
I hope Monzo don’t waste any of their time or money on this topic.
The Hot Coral is essentially the Monzo brand! Changing it any time soon would be absolute madness and a waste of all our money.

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Plus a lot of people use Google/Apple Pay (myself included) so my card rarely sees the light of day :slight_smile:

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I see your point if they only have one card. But if they have a personal card, a joint account card, and a business account card, it does seem to me like different colours would be a good idea.

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One more time, with feeling! :wink:

And for every person who wants to have more choice with card colour, there are how many people who are happy with it (or aren’t on the forum).

I like wearing colourful socks. Some people don’t. :man_shrugging:

(hope it’s ok to quote yourself… )

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I like the card colour, but don’t love that my joint account one is significantly brighter than my current account despite only being a few months newer!

Though it does make it easier to tell which is which…

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I think what would be great is if Monzo used the full range of colours that they have on their logo - I’ve literally never seen the orangey/yellow and pale green colour used anywhere.

  • Hot Coral = Current Accounts
  • Orangey/Yellow = Joint Accounts
  • Pale Green = Credit Cards?
  • Midnight Blue = Business Accounts

That way all cards are easily identifiable and the whole 4 coloured Monzo logo makes sense i.e. a “HUB” for all your needs - Current/Credit/Joint/Business

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I love this idea. I think if you made it a standalone post it might get some Votes! (ok, 1 vote from me, but still!)

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Pretty sure you’ve voted on every idea going at this point… :wink:

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Absolutely not every idea. I do not want a metal card, or cashback or… well it’s quite a list that I HAVEN’T voted for surely?? :wink:

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I think there are too many threads on the Card Colour to date, don’t feel like getting involved in those :rofl::rofl:

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