The Colour of the Debit Card

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If you want a boring bank card, go to a boring bank, say I.


While I love the coral red colour of the Monzo card, the rest of my family (strangely) hate it. It’s literally the only reason they’re not getting a Monzo and now they’re missing out dearly…

As odd as it may seem, I think there might actually be others out there who won’t get a Monzo for the same reason.

If you could offer different colours to choose from then that would be really great.

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Hey I’ve just moved your post to this thread to keep all the discussion in one place. :blush: hope that’s alright!

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Just in the US, and the coral has caused some sensation! So I’ve grown fond of it! It stands out, it’s irreverent - literally matching the monzo mantra. #monzomantra freebie for you guys :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I like the colour as it’s different, the other cards I have are dark colours like RBS, Halifax (& Clarity) are all a shade of blue, Lloyds is a green with some back, Sainsbury’s credit card could be classed as purple.

At end of the day I just see it as a colour of the card, I guess if I happen to put down I wont or shouldn’t be able to not see it as it’s a bright colour whereas I might do if I’d misplaced my RBS card.

Maybe an idea is to have the letter M in the colours of the Monzo app logo but on a slightly dark background.


From a recent FT profile of Tom Blomfield

One obvious question is whether Monzo will lose its edge if every other person is tapping away with its recognisable debit cards. Blomfield is certain the “hot coral” theme will catch on when Monzo goes global. But he is talking to the head of design about potentially offering more colours for Monzo’s cards once coral becomes ubiquitous

Monzo co-founder banks on cool credentials
Article is behind paywall

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #403

But how cool would 1,000,000,000 Hot Coral cards all around the globe be?

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You’re all a little late to this party. Even the joint account card colour discussion has been and gone :wink:

(Brandon Billingham) #405

I personally don’t mind the Hot Coral. It’s nice / different but if someone asked me would I like a different colour? Probably.

I do wonder how many people are initially put off or don’t bother to explore what Monzo has to offer just because this is their barrier to entry

(Harry) #406

With Apple / Google Pay do people even card about the card anymore? :joy:

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #407

I don’t but I’m also using Curve now coz cashback

(Tony) #408

I wonder what happened to people that the colour of the card would be a barrier at all. Surely the account benefits are the important bit? It just baffles me. The card could be day-glo yellow with pink polka dots for all I care.

(Peter Roberts) #409

I would like a metal hot coral card so I can pretend like I’m terminator but also unhappy with the retail banking landscape

(Trys Harrison) #410

Slightly confused about curve…do those benefits like cashback still apply after 3 months? And do you still get the cashback on the second card you use? I.e cashback on curve and then cashback on Amex? :exploding_head:

(Oz Mills) #411

I would love a gay as heck rainbow pride card.


I wonder if themed cards are too early for Monzo?

Maybe a standard hot coral card with a small rainbow flash for LGBT+ charities during Pride? Or a similar thing for occasional charity related events?

If cards cost Monzo £5 to design / process, charge a tenner and donate the rest to charity?

Alternatively, a one off fee for a non charity card but with a small range of different colours might turn some accounts to net positive figures.

I think the hot coral is still too important marketing wise to let go of, but out of interest:

  • Im happy with hot coral
  • I’d pay for a charity card
  • I’d pay for a different colour card
  • Something else (explain below!)

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