The app doesn’t work

I’m having an issue with the app in which I have verified my card and now when I go on the app it’s just continuously saying sorry there was a problem please contact us if it continues. This has been happening for 2 days now. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve deleted the app a few times and re-download it but nothings working.
I am using iOS and an iPhone XR

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Hi @Katiep_686 & welcome :wave:

Did you restart your device after uninstalling the :monzo: app, before downloading and installing again?
The restart is important to clear out any leftovers & start from scratch properly.


Yes I did and it still didn’t work

Email them, explain the challenge and go from there. It’s possible (though unlikely) that something has corrupted at their end with your profile.

Though again, extremely unlikely. Something about that device must be not liking Monzo, be that a ghost install or data.

As another suggestion, download TestFlight from the App Store and download the beta version. If it still persists then the email above will be the next likely course of action.

Good luck!