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Hi, I’ve stupidly deleted the Monzo Current Account Preview app from my iPhone and now TestFlight is asking for an invitation code. I don’t have the code anymore as the email has now been tidied up by the Gmail fairies

Any ideas on how I can get a new code?



Speak to support, they should be able to sort it.

Having said that, haven’t you been migrated yet?

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Yes but updates are still being provided to the preview app

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The Current Account Preview app was withdrawn from TestFlight yesterday so there is no longer anything to be invited to.

It hasn’t had an update for about a month and a half.

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Weird. I had an email to say an update had been applied to it ?

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Monzo support did just confirm the same thing though. Happy days, no need to worry about 2 apps now

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Yeah, I think that was just to push awareness of the fact that it will expire in 4 days time. It was withdrawn from TestFlight shortly afterwards.

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