iOS Current Account App

I have a current account on an android phone. Will be changing to an iPhone shortly, So, how do I get to download the app for iOS?

You may have already received the test flight email when you got the android app :slight_smile: check your emails! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If not, shoot an email over to and they should be able to hook you up :smiley:

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OK, thanks. Will do.

Had a reply from Monzo help.

Hi Stephen :wave: When this happens, we’ll be able to invite you to the IOS version of the app :blush:
However at the moment, our Testflight list is full :see_no_evil: so other IOS customers are having to wait until some space frees up! This should be in about a week or so!
Sorry for the inconvenience Stephen!

Bit disappointed with this response. Didn’t think I’d have to wait in a queue again with having a current account already! Can’t do without a Monzo app. May have to use the prepaid card instead.

If it’s full it’s full - there is an apple imposed limit on test flight users

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However this implies that some limits may be being lifted… :smiley:

Or people will be moved off test flight.

Is the limit per company or per app? It may be that the prepaid app test flight users will be removed…

That is also true however, if there was an app ready to be launched without TestFlight wouldn’t it make sense to just ditch TF altogether?

or move the majority onto a released version of the app and use test flight for it’s intended purpose - testing new features

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As there’s 10,000 slots to fill but only 13,000ish current account users, and assuming they’ve not invited only 3,000 Android users, I imagine a lot of invites have gone out which haven’t been claimed, so all those people can be cleared off after a few weeks. I imagine at this stage they’ll slow down on invites to iOS users until they reach their 20k target with new Android users and then, fingers crossed, the full Current Account launch can happen! :tada::tada::tada:


Based on the current rate, assuming everything is going well behind the scenes I think they will start pushing out to investors before 20k. I mean, nothing has broken really except card acceptance and tbh that is being fixed ASAP.

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It’s a trial. If the Testflight is full, then it is out of Monzo’s hands. I imagine they are trying their best to lift the limits. Be patient, they want you on board - that’s something :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have a clue how Testflights work.
Because I’m already ‘on board’, I naively thought I could just download the iOS app and carry on using my current account.


To be fair I wouldn’t have known this would be an issue. It probably should have been something mentioned at the beginning - if you change phones there is a chance you will not be able to continue with the current account.