Contactless £45

Tried in tesco earlier today but it wouldn’t do contactless for 45 quid…has it been rolled out for monzo?


It will be Tesco not updating their systems yet to reflect the change, the cards do not have the limit.


Ahhh fair enough, Waiting game then…thank you


Don’t hold your breath, Tesco have never allowed transactions for apple pay or Google pay over £30 and doubt they will be doing it now for the £45 on contactless.


The scumbags

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It’s not a Monzo issue, it’s a terminal issue. They have to be upgraded for the £45 limit. I read somewhere that all supermarkets have warned that it may be some time before all their terminals have been upgraded because it’s not the highest of priority tasks at the moment for them.


Cool, thank you

It is such a token gesture raising it to £45.

As above, do they think stores are going to drop everything to apply updates to tens of thousands of terminals country wide? Some stores will and some won’t in the short term, the short term being when it is meant to be the most useful.

Edit - I know it is nothing to do with Monzo :slight_smile:

All of M&S ones were updated to allow this on the 1st. It’s done remotely around midnight I believe. I believe they do it in batches of stores though so some may still be awaiting the update.

Aldi is also updated

Lidl worked for over £30 for me today too


Morrisons will be completed by end of today, most major retailers that are still open don’t exactly need to put much effort in to alter it as it’s a software update. I would imagine Tesco are on the case and will get it sorted pretty soon

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You wouldn’t think I’m a store manager there would you lol

Bit risky admitting you’re shopping in Tesco on a public forum isn’t it?

Is that not an immediate sacking offence?

Very risky…I better delete this

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Coop is planned to be done by 6th April at all stores.

Is that just the national one or the regional ones that are seperate but sell co op branded products that have their own POS systems

I wouldnt use Tesco’s full stop ive raised a dispute for numerous transactions made on my account by Tesco’s. Currently being looked at by the disputes team

Surely they should have done this knowing the new limit was being brought into place and not leaving it until the 1st of april to start the process

well i rang Tesco customer service line and was told
we will be putting limit up to £45 for Tesco bank customers but nobody else.
(i just think thay want every one to use Pay+ app)
not good customer service.