Amazing customer service!

Hello! Just wanted to publicly praise Monzo’s customer service for a moment!! I lost my card while in the US (I’m a UK customer), I was obviously very panicked and on my own at the time. Monzo’s customer service responded quickly through the chat and gave considerate solutions to my situation.

For example, sending two replacement cards - one here and one to the UK in case the US one arrived after I left the country. They also allowed me access to freeze and defrost my card in the meantime - not totally disabling the card - so that I could use rideshare apps and my Apple Pay in the meantime.

The time to send the card to the US was supposed to be a week and a half, and the card arrived just four days after I reported it lost. This is certainly not a given, and a million miles away from my experience with banks in the past.

Thank you Monzo!


Nice to read some positive feedback about Monzo customer service. Glad they were able to help. Others have reported patchy service - and my own experience is that it can take a long time to get a response, but that they step up when it really matters.

As mentioned on previous threads, I still think there’d be a significant benefit to separating the card freeze functionality of the card from Apple/Google Pay. Most people who lose their card don’t lose their mobile or watch at the same time, and would want to continue using their device to make payments.


Interesting that they can send two cards for one account,

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To clarify - you can only have one card active at any time. They’ll send you more than one card if necessary (like in my situation where I needed a card ASAP but didn’t know where I would be when it arrived), but the one you activate through the app is the only one that will work


This may be more to do with the Royal Mail/USPS rather then Monzo…

I think monzo can take some credit there, Royal Mail/UPS just deliver I highly doubt they know of the details behind the scene regarding the lost card issue. Monzo probably put a priority order in with the courier.

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