Apple Pay Support

New Monzo user here. I’m aware of the other Apple Pay threads on here but they all seem to be locked.

I want to +1 the the need for Apple Pay support, it really is a deal breaker for most Apple users. Going back to using a plastic card feels like a real step backwards and seems to run counter to everything Monzo stands for.

If I was on the development team I would really make this the number one priority.


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They have been locked as the discussion is going round in circles and Monzo cannot say anything other than what they have. It’s generally subject to an NDA where Apple are concerned, and you can definitely believe they’re working on something like this.

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I understand. My hope is that if the community is vocal about Apple Pay, they may allocate more resources and expedite the process.

I guess I am impatient and want to start using my Monzo card for all my spending haha.


Look into “boon by Wirecard” - it’s a virtual prepaid card, you add it to your Apple Pay and top it up via Faster Payments. I’ve been using it for a few days now and so far it hasn’t failed me.

Cheers, I’ll have a look!

I notice Starling also offers Apple Pay, but I am reluctant to open a new current account right now so soon after opening this one. I am going to wait until after Christmas and hope for an update from Monzo.