Technical Debt creeping back?

Is anyone else having issues with the Monzo App being very slow to update?

I’m on iOS 13.1, using an iPhone 7. It could be the phone, I am getting a new iPhone shortly and will be able to compare. Alternatively, even when not using the app i get a notification saying ‘Your Monzo app has crashed’ which happens to me almost daily at the moment.

That’s not good. Have you tried uninstalling the Monzo app, restarting the phone, then downloading & installing the Monzo app from fresh?

You are on the very last iPhone that iOS 13 supports, so whilst the App transaction feed is not updating all that quickly for other people too, I would maybe see if your phone upgrade helps.

Not sure this is ‘technical debt creeping back’ either, it’s software. There are bugs. Always has been, always will be.

iOS 13 is supported on the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE as well :blush:

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It’s quite slow for me, too (iOS 13.1.2, iPhone X).


My bad! Misread an article!

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Slow updates of transactions is one thing.

App crashes is a new one on me though. Anyone else seeing that?

Nope. Crystal clear, razor sharp and lightening fast [can’t think of any more]. R-

I’ve had the app crashes randomly over the past week or so. iPhone 7, iOS 13 and Monzo 3.2.0. These crashes are not within the app itself (for me anyway) but an iOS modal that says the monzo app has crashed and whether or not you want to send a report to the developers.

I have noticed this week the App has been slower than I’ve ever noticed before. Also on the latest iOS release on an iPhone X.

Usually my feed would update much more quickly.

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Could possibly be an iPhone7/iOS13/Monzo combo issue then.

Slow feed I am seeing (iPhone 11) but app hasn’t ever crashed for me.

I’ve been seeing random background crashes for a while now, iPhone XS Max (currently on iOS 13.2, though I don’t think it’s actually happened since upgrading to 13.2).

It should be noted that I’m still on the old UI.

Interesting because I’ve had this happen too. Interesting when I upgraded to 13.2 it has happened much less then I was on 13.1. It’s either an iOS or a Monzo thing

Iphone 11 Pro ios 13.2

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What is meant by “Technical Debt”? (even if is is not the issue intended)

I know the phrase as to mean the little things that build up as you develop new features. Usually unintended consequences of moving fast during software development.

Add one feature that makes, for example, the transaction feed 0.1sec slower and no-one notices.

Add ten, people start to notice.

None of the features would have slowed it down intentionally.


Ah thanks, just wondered - not heard of it before!

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Technical debt is much like any other debt. So long as you keep on top of it and pay back when you can it’s an acceptable and often encouraged process. It’s the things you know about and track, but did not get to in order to progress a product or service

Only thing I would add to that is that technical debt does not have to be unintended or accidental, quite the contrary often. You can choose some features to be technical debt if they don’t affect another feature for example

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Yup. I was just keeping the basic explanation simple. So many nuances to these things!

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It’s the cleaning up after the party :wink:

If you can put stuff in the dishwasher as you go you have less technical debt :joy:

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