Targets for Android?

When is this going to happen?! I need it in my life!

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They’re on the roadmap here :slight_smile:

Aah ok great, thanks


Hey guys, any update on this? I know the roadmap said 6-9 months in December! Seems like a great feature for the Android app.

Probably not till late this year maybe even early next year, due to the main focus being on the current accounts

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Thanks for the update.

So wish for an update on this… Really would be useful. Once I have this in my app/account there will be no need for me to get another app…

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Would really like to see this released on android too


I’d also like an update on the progress of Targets for Android?

Also, Pulse Graph for Android? Travel Reports for Android?

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All currently listed as Medium Term on their public roadmap:

I used to think the pulse graph was cool, but having recently gotten a work iPhone and installing Monzo, i’d happily have the pulse graph development pushed back in favor of Targets or some other feature that is useful.

Targets would be a great feature i think and far more useful in terms of budgeting.

Yes I’ve been keeping an eye on the Trello roadmap. But I was hoping for official words from Monzo. These have not moved on the roadmap for some time.

Android Targets placed in Medium term (6-12months) December 2016. So we should be expecting this very soon?

Android Pulse Graph was in Near term (3-6months) September 2016 but was then pushed back to Medium term (6-12months) in January 2017. So we should be expecting this sometime very soon too?

Android Travel Reports are in Medium term (6-12months) May 2017. So according to this it should be in the Android app by May 2018.

Android Fingerprint Lock is in Medium term (6-12months) Jan 2017. So this should be very soon too?

But again, was hoping for a comment from one of the Monzo team on this. The Android app still lacks many features the iOS app has.

I have just decided to switch my main Halifax account to starling because I can just use it with yolt for budgeting functionality…i will check back on monzo to see how they develop. My heart wants me to bank with monzo… Because Monzo are cool. But my brain wants me to have app/bank with better functionality…
Ps. Also starling have personalised photo for pots/goals savings which actually sold me for the time being haha

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I have been thinking about doing the same. Haven’t quite made the jump though.

I am really liking the side navigation on starling too… I will keep both accounts and see how it goes

I’ve moved this one to the Android Targets question thread.

In general, it would be better if you didn’t cross-post the same thing in multiple threads please.

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No targets for android still…


Well spotted :slight_smile: they won’t be launched this year either.

The team explained why that is during the October Open Office -

obviously building the Targets now for Android when they’re going to be rebuilt for the current accounts wouldn’t have made much sense so it’s good that the team haven’t wasted their time on this.

Watch this space for updates :smile:

PS - feel free to complain about the delay but please do bear in mind that Monzo has now rolled out all of the features from the slide in that talk :point_up: + Pots :tada: & that it’s not going to make the feature come out any quicker!

… :smile: will check back in a year. Guess monzo isn’t for me.