Targets and Pulse: budget/sub-category trajectories

(Bradley) #1

Hi there,

One of my first posts here, have had a little look using the search but can’t find anything like this yet.

I’m an Android user, so Pulse isn’t even available yet on my platform, but I’m eagerly awaiting it. Targets is another tool I’m looking forward to.

I was just thinking, it would be really awesome if we could have pulse graphs for the targets feature and potentially later on for custom categories. This would be really powerful because it would let you easily monitor whether you were spending money too fast on a specific target. Say for example I want to limit my spending on buying lunches each month, I could set a goal and then tag each spend on lunches into the appropriate category (i.e. if I bought a meal deal from a particular Sainsburys, I could change it to ‘lunch’).

The pulse graph could also then include a line to represent the required trajectory to remain within budget.

Loving Monzo so far, looking forward to more updates on Android!

(Bradley) #2

Okay, so did a little digging around and found something similar:

I think the target trajectory line could be a really cool addition though!