iOS to Android - Targets

Hi, not sure if this has been mentioned. I recently got a new phone (went from iPhone to android) and now the android app is telling me I’m spending too much too quickly for my overall target, even though android doesnt have targets yet. Is it saved on the system from the iOS app?


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Mentioned indeed here;

And here;

And here;

The list can be go on and on :slight_smile:

Sorry I wasn’t clear, I know targets isn’t available but will be eventually. But my point is why are my notifications menntioning my target and I don’t have them!

Ah sorry that has also come up;


The push notifications still work for targets because you have them set up (this is what confuses me about the delay with rollout for Android).

You can borrow someone’s iOS device to sign in and adjust your targets / remove them to sort out the notifications on android.


I believe we can remove them if you contact Cops as well, I’m not sure how though :thinking::joy: