We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)

Hey everyone :wave:

As you may know, we love transparency here at Monzo. So we keep our product roadmap updated on a public board that everyone can look at :eyes:

Following the blog post earlier this week, I’ve gone through the roadmap and made sure everything has the correct status. I also changed the Near Term column from “3-6 months” to just “within 6 months” as there are some things in there arriving even sooner.

The full list of changes is as follows:
Improve Direct Debit merchant information added to Near Term
Current Account Switch Service :euro: added to Near Term
[Android] Pulse graph :chart_with_upwards_trend: added to Near Term
Custom start dates for Targets/Breakdowns added to Near Term
In-app PIN recovery for current accounts added to Done
Foreign ATM fees with monthly allowance :airplane: added to Done
PSD2 Interim API added to Done

And we’ve checked to make sure that everything else is where it should be.

We hope to have some more to share soon. So keep an eye on the blog, or the Sneak Peek board, for any news :tada:


Awesome! I notice you didn’t move mobile NFC payments to done, despite launching Android Pay. I wonder why that could be? :slight_smile: :laughing:


because they are playing around with Fitbit ROFL


Ooh, okay. That makes perfect sense. Thanks! :smiling_imp:


Apple Pay! Bring it on!
International payments will also be a great addition!
Thanks for the updates


I don’t think so. I have it on good authority from @anon44204028 that FitBit Pay will be the next mobile payment option they’re waiting for to call the card complete.:exploding_head::clown_face::smiling_imp::poop::angel:


I heard they were going to be the first to Garmin Pay actually…


for anyone not reading the whole thread…that was a joke on my part. I personally predict it to be Apple Pay (though wish it was Samsung Pay)


Of course :slight_smile: I hoped my emojis made clear I was being slightly mischievous :smiling_imp:

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that was a joke on my part.

Thank goodness you cleared that up! I was just about to press the button on Amazon so that I could buy stuff with my Monzo account



Does this mean Targets are coming to Android in the near term? Can’t wait :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Um, isn’t the effect of the change to the columns that we ultimately get less clarity on when things will arrive? There’s no three month window now - the highest resolution is “within 6 months” :expressionless: .

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We felt that the 3-6 months band for Near Term wasn’t the most helpful. There were items in there that would be coming much earlier than 3 months, sometimes a matter of weeks or days.

So rather than introducing another column for ‘Super Near Term’ items, we changed it to Within 6 months - which IMO is a truer description, and contains what ‘3-6 months’ would have contained anyway.

Hope that helps :grinning:


Thanks for updating the roadmap, even if it doesn’t include lots of things I’d like to see addressed :scream_cat:, it’s nice to see what you have planned. Very excited for the next few years of open banking.

I like what tide have done here (though it took some prodding for them to actually produce a roadmap :slight_smile: ). They just got rid of the dates, which is clearer, allows for some slippage, and doesn’t provoke customers to start counting up months from when it was last touched:


The important thing to me as a customer is having a set of priorities which are clearly communicated and ordered (short, medium, long term), the actual dates don’t matter so much and are inevitably pretty slippery, and I wouldn’t expect it to update all the time, it’s more a long-term view of where you’re going. So Near Term should just be Near Term IMO, no need for dates.

Really interesting to see what Monzo is doing compared to other banks - you’ve done your banking platform first (bravo!), whereas others like Starling or Tide have tried to skip that and use a third party (Tide has punted on it till the long term, but at least they recognise they will need to do it).

Ok, so the change I was thinking of actually happened a while back. But “Near Term” used to be “next 3 months”. It is a shame that there is no longer a category for the immediate stuff.



Most recent:


This is what we’re going for with the roadmap. Mostly just an indicate of where things are in the ‘pipeline’ (subject to the day-to-day realities of product development and building a bank) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Statements are here! Keep an eye out for them landing in your app over the new few weeks.

I’ve now moved Bank Statements to Done :tada:


I’d just like to clarify, when you say “International Money Transfers”, do you mean IBAN support? Or some sort of partnership with Transferwise (or ideally, both?)

IBAN support is vital for me - I get paid in GBP via IBAN, and without this I cannot use Monzo as my main bank account. (My colleagues tell me to use Revolut for this reason… :frowning: )


Yes, they keep dancing around this issue and don’t answer if they will be introducing incoming SEPA and/or SWIFT payments.


I’ve made some changes around Travel Reports. They’re still not on Android yet, and we need to update them to get them back up and running on iOS.

So, I’ve archived Trip Reports on iOS (was: Done) and removed “[Android]” from the Travel Reports for Current Accounts card to keep it non-platform specific. I’ve also moved this card to Near Term.

Thanks! :airplane: