Take part in user testing for the Current Account Switching Service!

(Samantha ) #1

We’d love to see how you get on with the Current Account Switching Service so we can improve it!

Are you planning on going through with it, or know anyone who is?

DM me to get involved :smile:



Just tried to switch my salary into Monzo
Unfortunately my employers data base does not include Monzo as one of the banks that is available for salary transfers

A bit disappointing

(Samantha ) #3

Hi Chad,

I’m sorry to hear that :disappointed:. Are you in a position to share who your employer is so we might be able to do something about it?

I had a similar problem with my pension provider when I switched. They told me that they didn’t recognise Monzo’s details. I asked them to update their systems, and they did within a couple of weeks, so everything has now been moved over without any problems :tada:.


Just going through the process now. Seems really efficient.

Received a notification of all my direct debits and standing orders from my other account and gave me the option to select the ones I wanted moving.

(Jack) #5

I’ve seen one or two posts about if you use the service to move away from monzo there isn’t any communication from you to acknowledge you are leaving and the account will be closed. Maybe an email or something would be nice?

Also it would be nice for the feed items to maybe be pinned to the top of the feed until complete

(Samantha ) #6

Great suggestions Jack, thanks for the feedback :purple_heart:. If you happen to know anyone planning on using the service, please send them my way – we offer a small incentive for taking part in a 30-minute remote session.


I’m going through this right now (it’s currently in progress for the next week’ish). I already sent some feedback in the app.

If you are using CASS for more than one account, you cant tell which account it is referring to when it gives you updates.

(Johnny Ellwood) #8

I’ll be going through this when the joint accounts come into play


This is a MOD system (JPA) that furnishes all service personnel

(Vladislav Kozub) #10

I work for the local authority and the payroll did not have 04-00-04 as a registered sort code either.

Simply send them your Monzo’s bank details and they must easily set it up on the database. Took 2 days for me.