I just got on at 5pm, and I’ve just seen this. The right people are aware to fix it :+1:


Why have #tags when you can just #tag in notes?

Makes no sense really


I don’t really understand this update. We already could use hashtags in notes if we wanted to. What’s the additional usefulness of this?

I’m still hoping for extra categories a la Emma or Yolt. I don’t want entirely custom categories - just a few more obvious ones (health, gifts and charity for example).


Any plans to add this option to people payments?

Often my other half will buy something for the house and then request a split but I have no way to tag these payments.


Is this a beta tester only feature or should it be available for everybody? Because it’s not working at all for me

I don’t get it either, it’s a totally pointless update and a waste of time and resources.

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Judging by the number of posts we’ve seen in this community, the support team must get a lot of requests for custom categories.

We know why Monzo hasn’t provided them.

So I guess this was an attempt to make this functionality more visible, to point out that one of the use cases for custom categories was already covered - I want to keep track of how much I spend on X - & reduce the number of requests they receive. Even though unfortunately that’s not the most important / common? use case, in my opinion.

Edits - to add the text in green.

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But you can do the same in notes anyway?

I put notes relating to purchases and they come up in search, would be the same as #tags no?


yes but

I think people should see this as a v1 of something bigger.
There’s no point setting up custom targets/spending reports or tag-based categories if the tagging functionality isn’t fully in place first - i.e. quick entry and bug-free.

Did you notice that tapping the #tag in the prompt at the bottom adds that tag? So what if the text read:

Add a #tag to create a searchable category
Recommended tags: #xmas #lunch #coffee
Favourite tags: #hotdog

The recommended tags could be based on history, time, location etc. Favourites may be tags you choose. And tapping a tag would be quicker than filling in a note. Search could be quicker with autocomplete for tags.

Just some ideas/thoughts.


I’ll be honest I really don’t get this update. Would have hoped that development time would have been spent on the other things people have been asking for longer than this


As an extra point, they deliberately didn’t call this feature out as part of the update:

We’re like a beautiful swan this week. It might look like not much is happening on the surface, but we’re working hard out of sight to keep things moving forwards. So there’s a lot going on we’re not ready to tell you about… yet. You’ll have to make do with the usual sprucing up and bug swatting for now.

That’s the other reason that makes me think this is a part of something bigger.

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I wish this could have been implemented on standing orders and bank transfers because thats how i pay my rent. I wish i could custom tag them but i cant seem to.


Oh no, now someone is going to mention Apple Pay :frowning:


What like #ApplePay?

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Now that you mention it… :wink:

In all seriousness, for me this update isn’t very useful and I can’t see myself ever using it, which is why I personally don’t see the benefit spending development time on this will have


Might just mark all my transactions #hurryupwithapplepay


That’s what I’m gonna do coz #HashTag

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Just seems gimmicky to me. I don’t see how putting #iphone or #shopping,#ispendtomuchonbeer is very helpful to anyone really.

I can tag them on Android :thinking: I just edited the note