Auto tag recurring transactions

User Story:
As a Monzo customer
I want any recurring transactions to automatically have the same tags as the previous transaction
So I don’t need to manually tag them myself
And I can search and budget more effectively


  • Direct Debit, Standing Order and transfers transactions which are recurring and have occurred and been tagged at least once historically hard automatically tagged with the same tag values on subsequent occurencies

I like this idea, and agree - it would be very useful :slight_smile:

Recurring tags for the win!

(Loving the user stories btw! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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I’m glad these have started appearing :wink:

I actually really like the idea - it makes a lot of sense :+1:


User stories :raised_hands:t2:

But yes, agreed!

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Love user stories :heart:

Where are the user stories coming from?

I was concerned that @glasgow was posting new threads in 3rd person at 7 o clock this morning :joy:

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User stories are a Thing. And also have government guidance!

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Ohhhhhhh! So they are hypotheticals - Not actual users emailing in with their stories!

Duh! It’s only Monday and I’m slow off the mark!


They’re a way of writing down what users need from a service/app/product. It’s part of contemporary software development methodology. The “AC” in the original post is acceptance criteria - how you know that the functionality (or user story) is working!

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Well there you go - Today I learned!

I was racking my brain over the AC as well - So thank you for clearing that up!

I’m sure it can’t just be me who hadn’t come across this before (I hope!) :joy:


Hi Monzo community!

First time posting now that I have moved to using Monzo as main and only bank account, and came up with an idea that others may find useful, apologies if this has been suggested before!

But would anyone else think we would benefit from being able to reuse tags for transactions that we have previously used? I.e. if you have used #worktravel (my main tag for tracking travel for work specificly), you could select it from a drop-down or suggested tags.

Darren :grin:


Slowly getting into tags (despite still and forever mourning the lack of custom categories) and was thinking that suggested ones pulled from the tags I actually use would be amazing?

As in, I’m typing out #coffee, and by the time I’ve got to #co, the clickable ones below turn into #coffee, #coding and whatever else for quick and easy entry?

Would improve the utility hugely if I could use more, and more detailed, tags without having to redo them over and over.


Yes! This!
I’ve now got multiple tags like #Book, #books, #Books etc. Simply because I can’t remember what I used last time.

I often have to go out of a transaction to check how I tagged it last time which is far too much work


Yeah exactly. The having to check is what ruins my flow the most.

I agree with this too.

All purchases at JD Wetherspoons are recorded as just that, regardless of which pub I go into, so I tag each entry with the name of the pub, some which can be quite long. A sort of auto-complete feature on tags, like Instagram provides, would be very useful imo

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Yes! This has been on my mind too.

If I can’t have the custom categories I would prefer, smart tags would be a happy middle ground.

Shopping at department stores or big retailers - auto suggest my recent tags for said retailer. Maybe I’m buying groceries, cat supplies, home supplies, (etc etc).

Pull that data from the tags I previously make at common retailers/locations.

I routinely buy Lunch from one specific branch of a supermarket, and would buy groceries from a different store of the same brand. If auto tags knew that one became lunch - that would be super.

I get it’s not trivial set up, but if I can’t set up my budget categories the way I would like them, please please implement a smarter mechanisms for using tags, so I can at least get better insights from my own choosing.


How about just being able to tag multiple things at once? I.e. selecting multiple transactions and adding #lunch to all of them?


This would be great too :ok_hand:t2:

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This all sounds awesome. I’ve been wanting tags to autocomplete, and would use custom categories too - but for different things, I think. I was also thinking that saved tag searches, or seeing most used tags on the summary page would be great. You could then click into them for an immediate list of all transactions under that tag.