Have just tried for all my lunch purchases this week and works well.

Announcement here:


It’s nice and all, but I don’t understand what benefit I get from using tags rather than using regular text in my notes, other than tags being in blue text. Unfortunately I can’t test this until I get home (no juice left in my phone), but maybe I’ll see what the fuss is all about then and be less “meh” about this update.


Seems to be live now on Test flight (not sure about app store) but I did put this #lunch tag in a a few days ago as I noticed the # and @ options being available on the keyboard but it wasn’t working but now # is appearing as a tag :smile:


When the tag shows up in blue you only need to click it to load all the others with that tag attached and gives a breakdown of your spending.

Simple update but effective.


When I click into my transactions at the bottom it give me suggested tags, for example when I go into a KFC transaction it recommends ‘Chicken’ and when I go to a Greggs transaction it recommends ‘Bakery’

Really Nice!


I know you’ve been asked this loads but I’d really love an in depth answer if possible?

“Adding the ability to create your own payment categories has been a popular request from our community, so we know that loads of you would like the option to organise transactions in your own way.”

  • so why don’t you give us our own categories? What is the downside to you? You know it would give us a true benefit and so you’re giving us some kind of 40% of the way there solution…why not just the full thing?

Hugo (Monzo’s Head of Design) has explained here -


I.e. custom categories please



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I don’t see this as a solution to the problem. It still is automatically included in one of the 10 original spending labels and the tag isn’t listed as a subcategory on the spending page.
It also doesn’t fit design wise. The rest is looks great but this feels like scribbling with biro over the Mona Lisa and calling it an improvement


The important thing here is that emoticons work



If I’d known that my view would have been entirely different :grin:

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I found already some bugs and ways to improve it.

When the tag is the last word of a sentence and you use a emoji he is skipping the last letter of the tag in the transaction overview. It’s not always the case but it is with this description: “Sneaker socks :athletic_shoe: #clothes”. To fix this for now I need to add a space at the end of the sentence. Another thing is he marks tags with the same name but with an upper instead of lowercase in the name as 2 different tags. Like one time I used #beer and the other time #Beer but in the search, they are not the same tag.


Yeah, I’ve read that.

I don’t really think it explained it at all.

His point about custom categories under ‘2.’ there is that they couldn’t see top level data…which has what purpose? A couple of vaguely amusing infographics at the end of each year and maybe telling me how I compare to people?

Which, big whoop? Serves far less purpose than allowing us to tailor our data and reporting to ourselves, which surely is the entire bedrock of monzo’s DNA and practically it’s raison d’être. And if that’s the only reason, they still have their algorithms or whatever sorting stuff into things automatically, so that could happen on the backend, and if I want to move KFC into junk food as a subcategory of eating out, they still have the data for their huge eating out category anyway. Doesn’t have to affect them at all.


Subcategories or tags working in the way that I’ve / you’ve described seems like a good solution to me too.


Totally agree with you @Alexxxxx 1000% :wink:


I’ve got an Chiquito’s transaction and it recommends the below, and they don’t match one bit :joy:


The tag should autocreate a bullet point under the category, like a subsection. All displayed clearly on the spending tab

*Eating Out £100

  • Junk £30
  • lunch £40

(But in the right colours and fonts)


my emojis don’t seem to work on iOS update 1.9.31#382


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I assume we can’t ‘tag’ our direct debits and faster payments for now? :thinking:

Also in agreement with the comments above regarding the breakdown, it would be great to have them in there as a subcategory of the main categories.