Totally agree with you @Alexferrigno 1000% :wink:

(Tom Warren) #23

I’ve got an Chiquito’s transaction and it recommends the below, and they don’t match one bit :joy:

(Is Santa here yet?) #24

The tag should autocreate a bullet point under the category, like a subsection. All displayed clearly on the spending tab

*Eating Out £100

  • Junk £30
  • lunch £40

(But in the right colours and fonts)

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #25

my emojis don’t seem to work on iOS update 1.9.31#382

(Adam Kendrew) #26

I assume we can’t ‘tag’ our direct debits and faster payments for now? :thinking:

Also in agreement with the comments above regarding the breakdown, it would be great to have them in there as a subcategory of the main categories.


They don’t work as a clickable #tag for me at least. You can search if you add emojis to any transaction, this was always the case.

(Brandon Billingham) #28

Already finding bugs. Tagged transaction as #exercise and it shows in blue as #exercis for some and #exercise for others. :roll_eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #29

That happens, just report it to the support team & I’m sure they’ll fix it :slight_smile:

(Brandon Billingham) #30

Already done. Can’t say this is a great replacement for custom categories :disappointed:

(Tony) #31

No matter how many people you get to test your beta software, you can guarantee once it goes live that someone will find something wrong with it. That’s the nature of software development, in my experience!

(Brandon Billingham) #32

Agree, work in the industry. Just a little frustrating that, in my opinion, such a half baked solution to a problem also comes with some pretty dumb bugs.

(Aaron Bamford) #33

I don’t get it? Why not just give us custom categories and allow us to assign a transaction to that?

This feels like it will just create extra admin for myself if I want to tag my transactions, as well at having them in categories.

Question for someone who has created some: do they show up in the spending tab as if they are another category?

(Is Santa here yet?) #34


(Aaron Bamford) #35

Yeah, I don’t get it then. Why not just keep things simple (for us at least) and deliver what everyone actually asked for?

I can only assume that, for whatever reason, this was easier than custom categories so was delivered as a halfway house…?

(Is Santa here yet?) #36

I hope this is a MVP to see how we all use it before issuing the real thing

(Alex Sherwood) #37

We’ve discussed this earlier in the thread.

(Peter Roberts) #38

Hi @bea

Yesterday I tried to use this with a tag #loan-payment but the Android Monzo app just sees this as #loan. Could you please ask your lovely devs to add - to their regular expression they use to match the tags? Thanks in advance

(Brandon Billingham) #39

Apparently using emoji breaks things (according to support)



(Kenny Grant) #41

Will there be “auto-tagging” or at least suggestions based on past transactions you can tap on to confirm, saves some typing I guess.

Agreed - if this is the solution to custom categories, it really needs to include all the features like auto-tagging and appearing in breakdowns which is why people want categories in the first place :slight_smile:

This is nice (particularly the emojis) but I hope it isn’t touted as a replacement for categories/subcategories.