Anyone making use of the custom #tags?

I’ve been trying it out as a sub category function by adding the likes of #presents, #gadgets or #clothes etc. in the notes section of items I’ve bought and are all in the shopping category.

What have you been #tagging?

Wasn’t aware. Are they on Android? I only use Monzo for cash, but would be good to be able to split the analysis between foreign and domestic.

Yeah I’m on android too, I saw this on Facebook the other night with the tag #ComingSoon so though I would give it a go.


As much as I like this idea, only if/when there’s an autocomplete for hashtags. Or maybe Xmas.

Edit: my interpretation of this, a while ago:
Custom Categories - 1


Agreed, I hope it does auto complete, otherwise it defeates the point as you may not type the same tag in otherwise.


I agree, it would be nice for a drop down option of previously/frequently used tags that you could tick to apply. Still though, it’s a good initial option.


Hmmm… they don’t appear to allow any further breakdown on the Spending tab, so pretty useless for my use case. Would be good if the Spending tab could split ATM spend by currency anyway.

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If you search for the hashtag it gives you some info at the bottom

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Also if you go into a transaction from the main feed, you can click on the blue tag and it will show everything else with the same tag, along with a total and average spend.


I posted this couple of days ago with screenshots of the use;

I am hoping Monzo App will start to remember previous tags and will give options to choose them when adding tags to new transactions and maybe in not too distant future previous #tags will automatically be added to new similar transactions.



This is awesome. Such a nice little feature they’ve just snuck in there!

Definitely going to play with this a little more.

i suppose they can also get some analytics on what we are all adding and use that to inform category improvements.


As long as it needs to be written down, instead of just a couple of taps, it will be useless to me and I will go on waiting for the customised categories… I usually don’t have the free hands or the free time to type out something, I need immediate picking and taping. Very frustrating to have to wait for so long for such a needed feature.

Yes using them to group freelance expenditure by client

Yes! I recently had a holiday with my partner, used my Monzo account for everything, and tagged all shared spends with #scotland18. Now I can view all relevant transactions for the trip in one list, and the “total spent” value can simply be halved and paid back easily :slight_smile:

Monzo works absolutely fine in Scotland, by the way! Even on a tiny island in the middle of the Lake of Menteith :slight_smile:

I think if they allowed us to set a predefined set of tags (and then make it as easy as switching a category on a transaction with a drop down or similar window), it would definitely help in filling the gap of custom categories. I agree, at the minute though, it’s too tedious to do on a regular basis.

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