Ability to add notes to transfers [iOS, Feature Parity]

(Christopher Welsher) #1

Just wondering if there is going to be a feature where you can Hashtag money Transfers?
I have just been on a golf weekend and managed to Hasthtag every transaction over the weekend. I can then easily see how much I have spent. I just can’t hashtag the money transfer for the hotel so can’t get an accurate representation of how much the weekend cost me.

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

Do you mean something like this? :smiley:

(Christopher Welsher) #3

I do yes :smile: but I don’t seem to be able to tag my bank transfers. I sent some money to a friend of mine and I can’t seem to add a Tag to it…

(Michael) #4

The Faster Payments Service doesn’t allow non-Alpha Numeric characters unfortunately.
There should be the option to Tag these transactions at some point – I know you can on Android, just not on iOS! :sob:

(Christopher Welsher) #5

Such a shame! Now to go and cry a little.

(Jai Sullivan) #6

Monzo’s API already allows you to tag transfers as well as amend the original reference/add a note. Little bit frustrating why this functionality isn’t present in the iOS app :man_shrugging:t2:

(Victoria James) #7

This is exactly what I want on my Monzo… this would make it so easy to track everything I have spent on a holiday etc. Does anyone know if this functionality is going to be made available on IOS?

(Nick Marshall) #8

Not sure if I’m missing something but I can’t see a way to tag either shared expenses or transfers and as a result the tagging feature doesn’t show me what’s really going on financially.

The first use case is that I’m currently touring Spain with two other Monzo users. When I pay a bill I can tag it as, say, #Spain2018, but if it’s a shared expense I can’t tag the transfers that come in from my two friends using Bill Splitting in the same way, so it looks as if I’m spending more than I really am.

The same thing works the other way, in that my friends making the transfer can’t tag their transfers to me, so their expenses for the holiday are understated.

This applies to all transfer and leads to the second use case. I make cash transfers to my daughter and also make payments on her behalf (train tickets, books, food, …). The latter I can tag as say, #Daughter, but the cash transfers I can’t so there’s no easy way to gather together those related expenditures an see a summary of all my daughter-related outgoings, which I had presumed was the purpose of the tagging feature.

In summary, there seems no symmetry in this feature and I can’t see why it exists in one area but not the other. Is there a way to achieve what I want to achieve, or are there future plans to make the feature set more consistent?


Yes I saw this. When moving funds between personal and joint accounts (or even other banks :open_mouth:) I was surprised to see I couldn’t add any notes or tags. I could assign a category or even attach a receipt but not notes.
I would that thought this would be a standard feature for all transactions. Can this be added in a future update?


Agreed. Please Monzo prioritise rolling out the feature, ie free text tags and notes for bank transfers and bill splitting. Tell us - when do you expect to have this ready? Thanks.

(Jake) #11

Hey Everyone,

Me and my parter now use Monzo joint account to deal with all of our finances and we’re quite happy with it so far. We would love it if you could actually reference your own bank transfers within Monzo, for example…

If I have £15 remaining in my current account and I transfer this to the joint account I cannot give it a label or reference it. I can only assign it a preselected category. It would be nice to upload your own category image or even create your own category names as we have to put it under a random category and this can make things confusing.


Hi @CupCakes :wave: I’ve moved your post to the existing idea thread. From what I’ve heard this is possible to do on Android but has never been implemented on iOS. Hopefully one day soon us Apple users will get this functionality!

(Jake) #13

thank you! Just read the thread and hopefully it will come to IOS soon :slight_smile:

(Elliot ) #14

Is there a way to add notes to some moeny you’ve sent to someone after the money has been sent? Can’t seem to see that function or button.

Thanks in advance


No on iOS but it’s on Android. There’s a request for it on the forums:

(Jack) #16

Hey @Eking95, hope you don ind but I’ve moved your post to join the thread that as linked above. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

(Jarryd Pearson) #17

This is something I’m surprised I couldn’t do. My partner manages our finances, and has a joint pot for my bill money. I then transfer the money out when I need to. Whilst I can tag the pot withdrawal, I can’t tag the transfer to my personal account, which could cause confusion down the path. I would love to see this ability implemented.

Closely related to this is the ability to add these notes at the time of making the transfer. It’s a bit of a tedious process having to process the transaction, then go back to the transaction to then add the notes and tags.

(Si Robins) #18

both in and out of my account and between pots

(Emma) #19

Just searched the boards to find out if this was an issue. Any idea if it will be resolved? For example my yoga classes have to be paid via bank transfer and I’d love to be able to tag #Yoga just for myself. My teacher doesn’t need it in the reference.

(Jai Sullivan) #20

+1 for this, it’s basic functionality (on the face of it) that needs to be sorted.