Tags for part of a transaction

I am buying a whole bunch of Christmas presents (lucky family and friends!) and I’m tagging them all #present.

But i stopped myself from putting some stuff for me in the basket yesterday because i didn’t want that particular transaction to get messed up. So i had a thought: what about allowing tagging for particular items within a transaction?

So when i search by hashtag, it will only show the correct total amount that i spent on presents.

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As in, you buy 4 things in one purchase? How would monzo know what you brought/how many items? It’d just see the total spent :thinking:

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Yes exactly.

So the way I imagine it working is having multiple notes fields, where you can select the amount that note applies to.

#present £4.99
groceries £27.80

Currently the only way to do this is to buy the different items in separate transactions at the checkout.

Sounds like what other apps call a split-transaction. That would certainly be handy! I think I was over-thinking what you meant!