Switching more than once

I did ask customer service but I don’t think they really answered my question. I have already switched once and if I were to switch again to monzo, for example, would payments to the first account I had still be redirected to the second account and then the third account?

I know this is a silly question but people always talk about switching once, not usually doing it more than once and how that works.

I understand what your saying you mean since you swtich from one account to say Barclays, then you swtich from Barclays to nationwide then from nationwide to Monzo…you want to know if someone sends money to your Barclays if you would get it to your Monzo and the answer is yes because I’m in that situation but it’s from two banks before Monzo so I assume it will work with 3 banks or more


I can still pay money to an account and l have switched from that account three (possibly four) times. Payment was received instantly.

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The answer should be yes if I understand correctly

You switch from Bank A to Bank B

  • All payments are redirected to Bank B

You switch from Bank B to Bank C

  • All payments to Bank B are redirected to Bank C (which includes any from Bank A that go to Bank B)

BACS that run the service do have a database of account redirections centrally for the banks, so it might even be more simple than the above example, but i don’t know enough about the services to know if they simply update the existing redirection or if it creates a new redirection (as per the above)


Thank you everyone for the replies! It’s nice to see examples from people who have been in the same situation. The response from customer services didn’t reassure me enough to switch but at least that won’t put me off now if I decide to switch to monzo :slightly_smiling_face:

What was the CS response out if curiosity?

I don’t really want to post their response here and maybe I wasn’t clear with my question but they seemed to assume I was just talking about one switch.

They ended their response by saying payments should eventually end up here. That wasn’t reasuring enough for me to make a switch.


Just tested my old old account and it worked perfectly. Going through my records the sequence was: Nationwide > Starling > Lloyds > Monzo