Payments not redirecting from previous bank

My Employers sent my weekly wage into my old account. I thought all payments were redirected to my new Monzo account?
Is this straight away or do I need to wait? I tried manually sending it from my old bank, but it got kicked back and won’t let me do it.

Did you use CASS?

You say you tried to send it from your old bank, so you still have access? That makes it sound like you didn’t use the switch service, in which case nothing is forwarded automatically.

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No I used the switch service as it transferred funds that were already in my old account. This was a new payment put in the same day

You’ll need to wait. There can be a delay with your old bank forwarding on new payments. It should be sent over soon, and future payments should just go straight into your Monzo account, so no delays. :slight_smile:

The reason it didn’t go straight into Monzo this time, I suspect, is because your employer probably sent the funds to your old account before the switch had completed. This should be updated for your next wage.

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Is it automatic? I thought the advice was always to update people who pay you (employer, DWP) with your new bank details as there is no way for this to happen automatically and although payments should be forwarded for a while (a few years, I think), better safe than sorry

Definitely better safe than sorry! But yes a full switch should be atuomatic, as it results in the closure of your old account!

Partial switch just moves selected direct debits and standing orders.

From Barclays, a full switch involves:

  • We’ll move all your regular incoming and outgoing payments, like Direct Debits, standing orders, bills and your salary, to your new Barclays account

  • We’ll close your old account

  • Any payment made to your old account will be redirected for 3 years (or longer if required). Please refer to the Current Account Switch Agreement and Guarantee for further details

  • A full switch is covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee

Barclays really need to update that last URL! Doesn’t inspire confidence. :grimacing:

It’s been sorted now I think. Just checked my old account and it’s been transferred to Monzo.


Although the CASS FAQs say that:

Each time an electronic payment is redirected an automatic message is sent back to the originator advising them of the new account details so they can update their records. Some organisations may contact you directly to confirm your details have changed.

The FCA still advises you to:

Make sure that anyone making payments into your account – like your employer, benefits agency or pension provider – knows about your new account details.

I suppose better safe than to assume that your employer’s payments team will notice such messages (assuming that there is even a way for them to receive it)