Payment redirections after full switch

Hi, I’ve just joined monzo and today the full switch completed.

I know debits / credits are redirected from my old barclays account to my new monzo account but how long does that redirect take? So if for example somebody sends money to my old account, when will it appear in my monzo account?

I’m just asking because as a test I sent a few pounds to my old barclays account and it still hasn’t appeared in monzo a few hours later. I’m worried that my wages will be delayed next week as they still have my old account details. I’m going to change them but it’s too late to sort out for this month. I have direct debits which come out on the day I’m paid and can’t afford for the bacs payment to be delayed because of the redirection.

It should be transferred straight away with usual faster payment processing times still applying.


I sent a payment to my old account 3 hours ago and it’s not arrived in my monzo account yet. Usually it would take seconds for a normal transfer

You didn’t try to send it from the bank account your closing down as part of the switch did you?

No, I sent a payment from a 3rd party account to my old barclays account to make sure that the incoming payment redirection was working. That old barclays account is now closed as part of the switch and payments should be getting redirected to monzo.

In that case I’d be getting in touch with the bank you sent the funds from to ask them to run a faster payments trace on it

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Ah ok it’s come through now. It took a fair few hours but it finally came through as some weird redirect payment. It must just take a short while to redirect the money


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