Newbie alert question :)

Hey. I’m new here and first off I apologise for the spelling I am not the best. I made the switch last night, my new card is on it’s way to me in the post. The only thing I haven’t done just yet is switch my current account. The reason for this is because I want a little bit of feedback how it worked for you. I’m paid on a weekly basis and I just wondered how it works if I’m due a payment on a day I’m waiting for the transfer to happen will it get lost or will it just go to my old account with Barclays as normal. I’m a little thick not the best with technology sort of things.

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Can you not change your pay to monzo with your employer before you do the switch? Then if it accidentally goes in your old one you can just transfer it with no problems.

If I don’t get what you mean I hope someone with experience can answer your question.

Sorry I’m no good with words or writing them anyway. I mean say I put a current account switch in on a Monday so all my money is to go in my monzo account, but I’m due a payment on the Friday and the switch still hasn’t completed, would my money just go to my old account as usual. Sorry for not making sense lol x

If you used the current account switch service to move your current account to Monzo, then if someone was to send money to your old account, it will automatically be sent to your Monzo one.

Is that what you mean?

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Yeh that’s what I ment.

I’ve read your reply now.

If the switch hasn’t completed the money will go into your non-monzo account.

Ah I understand what you meant now. But @Ordog came to the rescue :tada:

Thank you, that makes sense now. I’m new to all of this Haha. I didn’t think the replies would be so fast. Have use been with monzo long. X

No problem, sorry it got a bit messy :laughing: I think we got a little out of sync with our replies.

If you have any more questions I’m sure everyone on here will be happy to help :slight_smile:

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We are pretty fast one of us. Hope you have a good time on the community!

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I’ve been using Monzo for coming up three years and never had any issues what so ever. They are my main current account, my high street account just gas a few pence in.

With regards to the current account switch service, if your pay goes in to your Barclays account it will move over when the switch completes. You’ll be able to chose what day the switch happens too.

Oh I’ve been with monzo over a year. I joined at 18 so couldn’t be a beta member :sob:.

My profile thing says most about me tbqh most people read that :rofl:

If you switch over using CASS then it will all switch plus any costs incurred due to an error of any kind are refunded.

All money that would have gone to your old account are also automatically brought over

I would change to details with your employer if you are worried just to put your mind at ease