Money didnt transfer my other bank account to monzo after switching


Recently i switched my account from natwest to monzo. Switch got completed but my balance didnt get transfer to monzo. Could you please help me out in that?


You’d probably be best contacting NatWest

Now it got closed could they help us on it

It’s up to NatWest to send your money to Monzo. It’s not Monzo taking the money from NatWest.

You need to speak to NatWest.

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The guidance from CASS is to contact new bank (Monzo in this case) not the old bank.

If there’s a problem with your switch you should contact the bank or building society you are switching to

@Shaikshavali this is a forum for Monzo users. You need to contact Monzo customer support.


Welp, something about assuming and asses. I stand corrected.

This happened to someone else too and the money did come over within a day or so I think, but I can’t find the thread.

Oh the money will come after a day or couple of days ?

You need to use the in-app contact option to speak to Monzo directly. Tap the ‘?’ in the corner and search for ‘contacting support’.

I have switched a few accounts between different banks over the years, and my experience has always been that the balance gets transfered on the switch day. Sometimes early in the morning, sometimes later afternoon. Somtimes after the “old bank” had shut down the account. On at least one occasion the old bank had booted me out of online banking before I even woke up, but the money only arrived in the new account by late afternoon.

If today is your switch date: Sit tight until late afternoon. 99.99% the money will still come.

If the switch date is over: Contact Monzo. With every current account switch it’s on the new bank to sort out any and all issues. And if someone messes up (even if it’s the old bank) it still on the new bank to sort out, and to potentially provide compensation (e.g. should you be charged a late payment fee because a direct debit bounces).


When was the switch date? Have Monzo confirmed the switch complete or have you seen regular payments move across?

Today is switch date. I got notification in monzo app like attched below screenchot

This happened to me when I switched from Halifax.

It took around 16 hours I guess.

I applied at 8pm and got accepted almost instantly then issued the switch by morning it has been confirmed but my balance wasn’t there I was too knackered and had go to nisa where I used to work.

After my shift i fell sleep and woke up with a notification of a balance update.

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You don’t need to contact NatWest. You switched to Monzo so Monzo have to sort this. If not complain

I haven’t cass to Monzo. I did to Starling and my money appeared after 5pm on switch day.

If the money still hasn’t arrived, contact monzo. If you are in any way unhappy about what happened raise a formal complaint.

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I’m curious about the automatic transfers of funds - does this go across more than one switch?

For example, I had a TSB account, which I CASS’d into a Starling account.

I eventually CASS’d the Starling account into Monzo.

If money goes to my TSB account, will it route its way to Monzo? :thinking:

When i spoke to monzo customer care they told me that switch not yet done , i need to wait one more day. But i app i got notification as “ we moved your money to monzo and old account bank got closed” any comments on it

We are all just customers and can’t comment on it. If that’s what Monzo said then you need to query it with them

Well if that’s what they said just wait the one more day. You can always reply back to them and ask why you’ve had a notification to say it’s complete when it isn’t.