Switch current displayed balance and balance minus committed spending

Hey folks :slight_smile:

Love the work yous are all doing, keep it up!!

Got one small suggestion - currently if you click into an account, it displays like;

£xxx.xx left for x days

I’d love if there were an option to switch those figures around - your balance minus committed upcoming spending being the main figure displayed in the overview and in the account details, and with the actual current budget (without committed spending factored in) displayed in place of the £xxx.xx left for x days.

Would make a lot more sense to me, give me a better feel for how much money I actually have left in my account rather than tricking myself into thinking I’ve got more dolla than I thought :smiling_face_with_tear:

Loving it all otherwise - cheers folks!

Hi. Welcome.

That part of the app is going, so if you try the new version that is currently available in labs, there’s a reworking of it with ‘tiles’ at the top. Give that a try and you can add your feedback in the thread below