Committed Spending - new feature needed IMO

Hello! I’ve been using Monzo since Oct '18. Big fan and as of last month I’m now full monzo. I made the switch and wow I should have done it ages ago.
Previously I would upload my spending money and all my bills would remain with my previous bank. When the original Investic savings pot appeared I decided to move my savings over as the interest was so much better. I guess once most of my money was in my Monzo it made sense to move over completely!

I’ve always been good at managing my money however with the app being able to tell me committed spending vs available and the spending summary it is just so transparent when you go full Monzo. I love the upcoming payments features etc.

One area I can see that I wish I could tweak however is within the ‘Committed Spending’ section.

A couple of years ago me and my mate bought a flat to get onto the property ladder and thus split the cost of mortgage and bills. Within my committed spending is the mortgage cost as the full amount comes out of my account. On the same day my mates 50% is paid in to my account.
My committed spending total does not take this into account and I can’t see how I can change it.
The standing order was set up long ago and the switch service has brought this across to Monzo.

What I would like to see is, an option where you can split the bill but rather than requesting the money (this of course is already in my account) you can select an option to add a recently received payment transaction and assign it to a particular bill. This way I could select the 50% of the mortgage and link to the committed spending total of this mortgage and my total committed spending would adjust accordingly and show the true figure.

Whilst some may say that if my mates S.O was cancelled it would throw it all out, I’d be happy to do this manually each month once the payment lands. Literally just click the incoming payment and assign to a set bill so that the totals read true.

This feature would be so handy to those who may have shared Netflix or Spotify accounts, shared bills where S.O’s are already set up, booking holidays etc. For example if your booking flights and your mates send you the money you could assign the incoming payment to the total amount paid.

Let me know your thoughts and if this exists but I’ve missed it… please do point it out!

Slightly different solution, but why not open a joint account with them and move the DDs there?

I like the idea, it is a bit situational but it would be a good feature.

Hm, at the moment you can use shared tabs? This way you would be able to keep track of all the monthly payments or flat related payments and your roommate (if with Monzo too) could also add things to it?

Alternatively you could just exclude your friends incoming payment and the flat bills from summary.

This is a good solution but they are not a full Monzo user unfortunately despite my attempts to convert!

The other reason I’d like this feature is for small things such as shared subscriptions. I surely can’t be the only one who shares Netflix account with family/friends. Rather than have £10 in committed spending I could offset by the £5 that is sent each month.

I know it’s tiny but the apps so good and it’s a minor tweak IMO that would make budgeting accurate.

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I would imagine their are alot of people who have shared bills or mortgages where both parties are not on Monzo. It would be a shame if Monzo was only fit for purpose with the budgeting and summary if everyone is converted. It should be a simple task to assign an incoming payment to a committed spending transaction.

If I exclude my mates incoming payment it doesn’t change anything as the committed spending stays at the full value and cannot be changed.

You don’t need to be full Monzo to have joint. My wife is not full Monzo, but we use our joint for bills. She just transfers hers in from her legacy account.