🔜 Hide 'Left to spend' - new app layout


Did a quick search and couldn’t find my specific query, that’s not to say it isn’t there though and my topic might need moved to elsewhere.

I am an iOS user with monzo labs and have enabled the new navigation.

I would like to be able to hide the “£xx left for x days” from underneath my balance.

I know I can slide up and hide the whole balance which would include the “£xx left for x days” but I do like to see my main balance in the large text and so do not want to slide up and hide everything.

I don’t use budgets and or summary (I know, I know bad monzo user here!) and so do not like/have need for the “£xx left for x days” feature.


I’ll vote for this.

I can’t use Summary as I don’t get a ‘salary’ (BACS) payment so the budget/summary functionality is useless to me so this x left for y days message is useless.


Agreed, this would be a useful feature! Also, hope you don’t mind OP, but I edited your post title a little for clarity :slightly_smiling_face:

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Make it optional - yes
Get rid of it - no

It is the single most important first-area-glanced-at-when-app-opens to me, as I ensure Summary works for me. And hopefully with a Summary re-work, it’ll also work for a lot more people too.


Perfect! Ta

I did indeed mean Hide :+1:


Don’t believe anyone was wanting to get rid of it - aware that others do use it :+1:


Added my vote. I simply don’t need it and can’t get an accurate number anyway due to being paid on random dates.

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I would advocate an option to turn it off but not total removal. This feature is a large part of why I use Monzo.

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Also vote here for being able to hide it!

I like seeing my balance, I don’t like seeing this number as it’s generally meaningless for me.

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The left to spend on joint accounts is not useful when we both get paid at different times and on different schedules(4 weekly and Monthly)

+1 from me too. I find it completely useless. It constantly tells me I’ll run out of money because I pay big bills at the beginning of the month, which skews it.

I don’t find it useful at all. I know others do, but if I could elect to hide it that would be great cos I’m sick of seeing “you’re going to run out of money!” all the time (it’s quite a downer!)

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Exactly this! Like a prophet of doom when I know I have plenty money left!

Agree to this also.

I use Amex for pretty much all spending and pay this off in large chunks from own money and as expense reimbursement comes through too so it gets completely skewed and would never be consistent.

this is now in labs :slight_smile: Monzo Labs: Hide 'Left to Spend'


Woohoo! Works a treat! Very happy customer here!

As there is now a labs thread for this, let’s talk about it there.