Swipe between accounts

How about the app allows you to swipe between personal and current accounts without going through the middle tab?

One swipe, not four taps? (Middle tab, top tab, select, left tab)

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I think it already works like this on iOS when I used a mates phone

You should be able to long hold on any tab to switch account. There’s further improvements being made by the Monzo team

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Hooray for Joint Accounts, Monzo. Thanks!

Would be super handy to easily swipe left and right to move to and from my solo account and joint account, per page.

What do you think?

Can’t see how to switch with long press. All I get with a long press is the balance of the selected account and options to move money, share etc.

Am I missing something?

Long press on the tabs at the bottom to get the selector

Nice! See what you mean, thank you.

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Only works on iOS :slightly_frowning_face:

Ah sorry didn’t know this :cry: