Account switcher suggestion

I believe the accounts screen is currently going through a redesign but the current account “switcher” is a bit cumbersome.

I think it would be good if you tapped on the accounts button, whilst already in the accounts screen then it would bring up the switcher. This would have the advantage that your finger is already in the right part of the screen to select the right account.



You can do this on iOS already (long tap anywhere on the menu bar) I think it’s just been missed from Android for some reason


That’s really useful @glasgow - id never have figured that out!

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I’ve posted this before somewhere but it’s crazy that there isn’t a launcher shortcut to directly go to the account you want.

The current shortcuts are useless (to me).

It currently takes three taps to switch accounts. Four if you count launching the app.


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I came here to request the same feature. Switching between accounts should be a prominent feature, in my opinion and use case. I juggle between my joint and current account routinely and having to dig through menus to do this is quite annoying.

Switching between current and joint accounts is 4 clicks on Android. Monzo, would you care optimizing account switch workflow? Current implementation is really bad.

On the new nav don’t you just press the home button?

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Pressing or holding app’s Home icon/button does nothing on Android

Found it and enabled in Monzo Labs. Testing now.