Joint account shortcut

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Is it possible to create shortcut for 'joint account ’ in Android?
At the moment, I have to open the App and switch to joint account.

I’ve checked the widget, couldnt find any widget on Monzo.

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Have you tried long pressing the Monzo app icon? I don’t have a joint account so I’m not sure if Joint Account will appear there - if not this would be a pretty great inclusion for the Devs to add!

You can hold and drag the above options as shortcuts for your home screen. But like I said I’m not sure if Joint account option has been add but it’s a pretty logical one to add.


tried that , i can see following options but no ‘Joint account’.

Summary, Add money and Send money.

If not a shortcut, then please please bring a quick switch navigation for Android. It’s 4 taps to go from “Home” transaction view in personal account to the joint account to check something, then another 4 to go back again to personal account. Thanks!

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