Monzo app - joint account navigation

Can you please add a quick button to switch between personal and joint accounts on the summary page if you have a joint account. We are looking at switching over to a monzo joint account soon and a feature like this just makes it more convenient.

Or even change the summary page to show all your accounts and you click between which one you want… Abit like the first direct Mobile app.

If you’re on iOS you can long press on the nav bar at the bottom to switch accounts.

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Nice, they need this on Android.

I was thinking the same the other day so this is a great solution that I wasn’t aware of :smile:

Yes, please please bring a quick switch navigation for Android. It’s 4 taps to go from “Home” transaction view in personal account to the joint account to check something, then another 4 to go back again to personal account.

Joint account option on long press of the app shortcut would be good.