Can only see one account at a time

I can only see and use either my personal account or our joint account. I cannot actually swap between the two manually. I have to transfer money in or there be some activity for it to become active on my phone. I am using an iPhone 7+ The app version is 2.53.0. #536. On my wife’s phone same model as me her app is the same version but has more options at the bottom to choose from. Please can someone advise.

Can you still switch between the accounts if you hold down the home button on the bottom taskbar of the Monzo app?

Monzo is trialling a new UI. It sounds like you have the ‘new’ one and your wife has the ‘old’ one.

As @Codf says, if you hold any of the bottom buttons on the taskbar in the app, you should get the ability to switch to your joint account.

It is not very intuitive!

Thank you both for the tip of holding down. It worked and has made me happy. Not very intuitive at all.

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