Swap focus on balances

Would be really useful to have an option to swap the focus of the available balance and the actual balance. Perhaps a toggle when touching the amounts.
For example


They are the same thing?

I’m pretty sure some people would find it useful to be able to see (or work out) how much is pending.

It’s worth a vote, in my opinion, even if the chances of it happening are low to zero.

Unless they mean what summary predicts? :man_shrugging:

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That’s a point. I’d assumed the OP meant ‘Balance’ and ‘Balance including pending’ like a lot of other banks show.

Edit: If it’s Summary, that’s already only one tap away. I’ve removed my vote until the OP clarifies, anyway.

I think there is some mis-interpretation of my suggestion. Perhaps a pretty picture will help. This is a mock-up of what I am talking about. Its merely about FOCUS. Toggling the focus of the available balance and the actual balance, so the mock-up shows an available balance which now has focus over the current model of giving the actual balance focus.

If you don’t want what summary predicts you can turn it off, but I think it’s incredibly unlikely you’ll be able to swap them over.

Monzo put a lot of emphasis on budgeting and there would be people that switched them over by mistake and they’d blame Monzo for spending more money than they should.

Ah right. That’s clear now. I wish you well with it.

I don’t want to switch it off. I find it incredibly useful and one of the reasons I switched to Monzo.
All I’m asking for is the ability to TOGGLE the two values to switch the focus for the user. So take your finger and touch the amounts and bingo the focus swaps, then take your finger… you can use the same finger if you like… and touch the amounts and bingo it swaps back.

I understand what you mean, I was just trying to give you another option if you found both numbers confusing as your request just won’t happen.