Summary is not remotely correct

Hello! First post here, went #fullmonzo last Wednesday - all good so far. Noticed today I have £260 in my account and £210 of direct debits scheduled. Yet my summary suggests I’ll have £80 “leftover” at the end of the month.

Am I interpreting this wrong?

We probably need to see more details to know. For instance, where in the app are you getting the quoted figures from?

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Have you set an overall budget?

The Summary amount is an estimate, as doesn’t take into account committed spending :slight_smile:

I haven’t as we’re in an odd financial situation at the moment so things aren’t “normal” yet. But I find it strange it doesn’t take into account direct debits? There’s no possible way I’ll have £87 leftover like it suggests!

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Once one months worth of direct debits has been processed they’ll be marked as repeating payments and accounted for in future months as ‘Comitted Soending’ (i.e. spending the app knows about before the month even starts). This will be subtracted from your ‘left to spend’ amount from the very beginning of the month.

Because that hasn’t happened yet (as you’re still in month 1) then your direct debits will be a surprise to the algorithm when they first hit and your figures for the month will be adjusted for them at that point.


This makes complete sense and seems sensible too :). Many thanks for your reply!


Perhaps Monzo could do with better explaining the summary feature, as most customers (not on the forum) can’t be expected to know how it works. Maybe a question mark icon and an associated visual guide would be useful?

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That would be an absolutely fab idea. It just looked very weird/glitchy/incomplete to me, but hopefully after a month or two of direct debits stabilising it’ll be accurate :slight_smile: