Suspicious activity message apparently from Monzo - beware the scam

I’ve just received a text message from Monzo stating

We have noticed suspicious activity and need you to confirm your details. Please visit:

Is this a genuine message? I’m concerned the url is not the one and a Whois doesn’t seem to be owned by them. Can I trust this?

STAFF EDIT (by @dan5)

This is definitely a scam - please do not provide any personal details :hot_coral_heart:


Looks dodgy to me

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It’s dodgy, don’t do it.

Ask yourself, why would Monzo send a text instead a message through the Monzo app? They wouldn’t, so the text can’t be genuine.

ETA: untagging Alan, as Dan is on the case and has raised this internally now.


Thanks guys

It appears to ‘have’ come from the same number that the Monzo auth codes come from.

The Whois record looks really dodgy. According to one the domain was registered yesterday and another says it is for sale

Have no messages in app

Further doing a search for the url without the ‘.com’ seems to return nothing.

It hasn’t, though. The number has been spoofed, which is stupidly easy for scammers to do.

It’s not genuine.

Alright cheers guys will delete the message. Have transferred the majority of my funds to another bank already just to be on the safe side

Just tried it with fake details - it’s a complete scam.

Asks you for email address, then makes you “sign into” your email account to get your password, then asks for your PIN number, then redirects you to the genuine Monzo homepage.

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Cheers Harry. Good to know I don’t need to be concerned about my account. Hopefully no one else has put there genuine details in

Report it in app

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You can always tell these scams from how wordy they are. No one ever would be this wordy and try so hard to be reassuring (although I suppose once you get to this screen it’s too late)

@Dan5 are you around (and have redownloaded slack) to pass this on?


I tried to give the link to this community topic, but chat is closed for me until tomorrow morning :anguished:


How about if you use the ‘report fraud’ help article link?

Thanks for flagging - I’ve raised this internally. Thanks for the tag @Rat_au_van :hot_coral_heart:

edit: should have added that it’s mostly definitely a phishing website!


Proper dodgy…


FWIW, I’ve emailed the ‘Abuse contact email’ with details that the domain is currently configured to point to a phishing website, masquerading as a UK banking service.

I detest these people. And if these people are watching, I detest you.

EDIT: At least I got a quick ticket response:

Dear David Walton,

Your ticket has been created with the ticket ID 386027 and subject “ABUSE: Domain pointing to phishing website”

Someone from our customer service team will review it and respond shortly.


WebNIC Support Team.

Let’s see…


I’ve tweaked the topic title as well in line with Dan’s edit


Thanks to whoever reported the site as phishing - Google SafeBrowsing is now picking it up and blocking it in supported browsers

That’s the best thing you can do whenever you spot these to get these down quickly - report it to SafeBrowsing and also do a WHOIS and report it to the domain registrar’s abuse line as @davidwalton did


It can’t be Monzo - no Emoji’s on the messages, they’d at least put in a :clap:

It would be a :fishing_pole_and_fish: in this case