Surnames on new Payments screen

New Payments screen is a big improvement, but it would be nice to get surnames back on contacts. I know a LOT of Daves, Petes and Andys. Initials helps a bit, but if they have an image, it’s not always a helpful one


Nick, could you add a screenshot for those of us who don’t have access to this yet? :slight_smile:

Is the full name given once you select them?

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The image is that users picture.
The blue circle is a new contact in your phone book with Monzo.

Yes, the full name is given once you get to the actual payment screen, which is the same as it used to be.

If the user doesn’t have a photo, it seems to fall back on the contact photo from your address book if there is one.

Interesting. Do you know whether the names are the legal names from or whatever you have in your contacts?

I think the name comes from my contacts. I would imagine these Andys and Daves are legally Andrews and Davids.

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Interesting. This is a problem, as very few of my contacts set a monzo profile photo (I don’t, and have no intention of doing so), and I don’t set contact photos in my address book. So for a David I would have to guess which one of 3 it is… Possibly David P. would work, still short but more specific?


You can’t see in the screenshot, but if there’s no photo, the circle has their initials in it instead (I think the old screen did too?). So, yes, that helps a bit, but I still know four Dave Fs. Even if only one of them has Monzo, I still can’t tell easily which one.

@ntaylor3 just curious, as I have android. Does searching Dave / Andy bring up a list of the contacts full names?

Ah! Yes it does. That solves the problem I guess.

I was going to post this yesterday. Not as simple as it could be, with only first names displayed.