Surnames on new Payments screen

(Nick Taylor) #1

New Payments screen is a big improvement, but it would be nice to get surnames back on contacts. I know a LOT of Daves, Petes and Andys. Initials helps a bit, but if they have an image, it’s not always a helpful one


Nick, could you add a screenshot for those of us who don’t have access to this yet? :slight_smile:

Is the full name given once you select them?

(Ben) #3

The image is that users picture.
The blue circle is a new contact in your phone book with Monzo.

(Nick Taylor) #4

Yes, the full name is given once you get to the actual payment screen, which is the same as it used to be.

If the user doesn’t have a photo, it seems to fall back on the contact photo from your address book if there is one.

(Peter G) #5

Interesting. Do you know whether the names are the legal names from or whatever you have in your contacts?

(Nick Taylor) #6

I think the name comes from my contacts. I would imagine these Andys and Daves are legally Andrews and Davids.


Interesting. This is a problem, as very few of my contacts set a monzo profile photo (I don’t, and have no intention of doing so), and I don’t set contact photos in my address book. So for a David I would have to guess which one of 3 it is… Possibly David P. would work, still short but more specific?

(Nick Taylor) #8

You can’t see in the screenshot, but if there’s no photo, the circle has their initials in it instead (I think the old screen did too?). So, yes, that helps a bit, but I still know four Dave Fs. Even if only one of them has Monzo, I still can’t tell easily which one.

(Alex Wright) #9

@ntaylor3 just curious, as I have android. Does searching Dave / Andy bring up a list of the contacts full names?

(Nick Taylor) #10

Ah! Yes it does. That solves the problem I guess.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #11

I was going to post this yesterday. Not as simple as it could be, with only first names displayed.