When making a transfer, can anyone tell me how the “Contacts” are generated that pop up on your screen?? i.e. you have “Frequent” (which i understand), and then All Contacts - how are these contacts generated??

People you have paid previously and any monzo contacts if you have payments with friends turned on

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I have someone come up as a “Contact” who is not on my friend’s list, and i have not paid money to before?

Have they paid you?

yes they have, but i don’t know them. they have the same name as a friend on my list. I received £10.00 from them, and i thought it was from my friend because of the name, and i was due to have money from her, however she gave me cash so i double checked my account to pay her back the money i thought she had transferred. For instance:
“A Nother” is my friend who i know
" A Nother A Nother" is how this contact has come up, and who’s bank details do not tally with that those of my friend.

If I understand you correctly, you want to edit the payees name?

Unfortunately this can’t be done and is one of the things people have requested on this forum. I guess if you really wanted customer support may be able to do this for you, otherwise simply delete them or merge them with the other duplicate?