Changing payment/contact names

Hi, new to Monzo and loving it so far, however I have a problem when someone sends me money to my Monzo account.

The issue is that the payee name that displays in my recent payments is always backwards. So for example if ‘Alan Smith’ paid me some money it shows as ‘Smith Alan’ in the app and in the contact list.

Is there anyway to change it to be ordered by First name then surname? Or is this by design?

It’s not a life changing issue I know! But my OCD is triggered!


Pretty sure there’s no way to change it, try deleting the payee and then you send money first to them and save the name in your order.

But payee management should hopefully get a an overhaul sometime soon.


Yeah you can’t change this at the moment, but there have been mentions of Payments getting a new design and functionality soon so fingers crossed this is one of them (much needed!)