Customer names & Payments with Friends

I don’t know if this has been covered before, but it seems that Monzo are leaking customer names in the Payments screen.

There are a couple of people I know on first name terms, and have their phone numbers. Monzo seems to be pulling their full name from their customer record, and displaying it to me. I’ve discovered a couple of surnames of people I only knew on a first name basis in this way. And I’ve also discovered that they bank with Monzo.

I can’t help thinking that this is a bit of a data protection failure, and that some customers might not like their data sharing in this way?

It would make more sense to display the person’s name as I have it saved in my contacts list.

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If you turned off “payments with friends”, I think that would remove this issue.

It’s been raised before though, that to get some extended functionality, you have to turn this on…

I have someone in my contacts as a first name only, they show on Monzo as first name only also.


In fact I have a few like that.

2nd EDIT:

Actually clicking on the name shows full name

3rd EDIT:

Now I can see I always had their name wrong in my contacts :joy_cat:

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Strange - I’m on iOS, if it makes a difference?

I am also

I’ve long been of the opinion that payments with friends is a potential privacy problem. Sounds like this is another reason to turn it off.

I’ve just discovered this by accident, and I’m wondering how many other people are unaware that personal details are potentially being broadcast in this way.

I’m scrolling through my contacts I’ve imported to Monzo and I can see people I’ve spoken to on dating apps who are probably unaware that I can now see their full name (and some I definitely wouldn’t want to know mine!)

“Payments with friends” is one of the main reasons I use Monzo, so it’s annoying I’m going to have to switch this off. Showing the contacts name as it is saved in my phone seems like a sensible default, or at the very least, allow us to set a ‘nickname’ to be shared with other users.


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