[iOS] Different names for Monzo contacts in RECENT and PAY CONTACTS ON MONZO sections in Payments tab

Issue: The name that a Monzo contact used to set up their account is shown in the “RECENT” section of the Payments tab instead of the name in your contacts.

NB: The name in your contacts is shown in the “PAY CONTACTS ON MONZO” section of the Payments tab.

Details to reproduce: Pay someone using Monzo P2P who’s name in your contacts is different from the name they used to open their Monzo account ==> got to the Payments tab ==> scroll down to the “RECENT” section and note their name ==> find the same person in the “PAY CONTACTS ON MONZO” and note their name here ==> compare the two names.

OS: iOS 12.1.2

Device: iPhone 6

App Version: 2.28.0

NB: not sure if this counts as a bug or not, but it can be momentarily confusing if you’ve P2P’d someone who goes by a name different from the one they used to open their Monzo account (eg: name on passport might be Henry, but everyone knows them as Harry).

NBB: I’ve moved this back to the Bugs category as I think it’s more a UX bug than anything else.

The same behaviour can be produced on Android

The behaviour is as follows:

The names and pictures in the ‘Pay Contacts on Monzo’ section of the payments tab are sourced from your phone’s address book (at least this is the behaviour on Android, from memory I recall it is the same on iOS)

The names and pictures under ‘Recents’ are sourced from Monzo based on recipients you have paid - the name displayed is the user’s full name associated with their account, and the profile picture displayed is that from their monzo.me profile.

My opinion:

It would be nice to have the ability to have these pictures and names source from the same pool in my opinion, the disparity is confusing - I have a few contacts who go by their middle name or a shortened version of their name e.g. Martin --> Marty. Annoys me as much as it annoys you.


Hopefully the upcoming payee management changes should solve this.


Issue: If a user pays a contact who uses a different first name from their real first name that they registered with Monzo, the app will use the ‘contact card first name’ in the bubble, but the ‘real first name’ (without a photo) in the “Recent” list. This mixture of ‘real first name’ vs ‘contact card first name’ is primarily confusing, but could be considered to be leaking people’s full real name to people they might not have intended to share it with.

As a slight aside, this issue disproportionately affects minorities, or people with non-english names. e.g. it’s quite common for people of South India/Sri Lankan origin to have long ‘real names’ which they always shorten in practice. For this group in particular, they often have very long surnames which are shortened in practical use. If I have a contact who shortens both their first and last name, the Monzo app doesn’t list this person in the “Pay Contacts on Monzo” or “Search Contacts” sections of the app. This is a separate issue from the one I’m reporting, but may be harder to fix given the way the current contact matching process works.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Pay a contact on Monzo who has a different real first name from the name stored in contacts
  2. Go to the payments screen
  3. Go to Recent Payees.
  4. Note the difference between the names in the “Pay Contacts on Monzo” section and the “Recent” section underneath.

OS: iOS 12.1.3 (16D39)
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: 2.32.0

(note that the recent contact I’ve highlighted doesn’t have a picture and their firstname differs from the bubble who is the same person).

I noticed this the other day actually, but I just deleted them from the Recents list… but I would love to see this resolved :slightly_smiling_face:

I just deleted them from the Recents list

If you pay the person again, they will show up in the Recents list again.

Yea this is true, hence I would love to see it resolved :wink:


Pay contacts on Monzo is based on that users account name, the name they used to create their account.

The recents name is the name you set for them when creating the payee

If you send a Monzo-to-Monzo payment to a contact, then they appear in the “Recents” section with the name used to set up their account.

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Whilst we are on the note of Monzo-Monzo payments… can the algorithms for how the people are ordered be a bit less hit and miss and use some sense of logic… like the alphabet or something. There is no clear way to identify how they are being ordered!

Is it possible to link a person you setup a transfer to, to a phone contact?. Or edit that person’s/account’s name? I have setup a transfer to a company but the account is listed as a person’s name which I know I will eventually forget however the company name I will remember.

You can vote for Monzo to build this feature here:

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