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Not sure if this has been discussed before - If it has, I couldn’t see it.

Where are the photos of your Monzo contacts from?

My list seems to be a mixture of their own photo, my own photo (of that contact in Monzo), and then some random ones!

For me it picks them up from if they have added their photo in the Monzo app. I can’t seem to add them any other way.

Mine seem to be coming from my contacts

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I have half and half.

But one of my contact images is a cropped version of the photo.

But their Monzo contact image is the uncropped version of the photo (which looks ridiculous).

Personally I don’t think Monzo should be pulling from the other party and pushing to us as I might have a private photo I don’t want anyone to see etc.

Bit sketchy imo

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I think it would be better to solely use the photos from your contacts list.

I have photos of people on my Monzo app, that I don’t even have in my contacts list.



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We’ll show the profile photo your contacts have chosen to add to their Monzo account if they’ve done so. If they haven’t uploaded a profile photo, then we’ll use the photo you’ve added to their contact information in your own contacts app.

If they haven’t uploaded a profile photo to Monzo and you haven’t given them a photo in your own contacts app, we’ll just display their initials :slight_smile:


Thanks Ian, something seems a little broken then.

My contact pic for my Dad on my contacts app is an Animoji (the full screen shot, but cropped down to just his head).

The contact photo of him on Monzo WAS his own picture he’d chosen, but it’s now the full screenshot of the Animoji I made (it’s not even the cropped version I have in my contacts app).

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Hmm, that’s weird.

He hasn’t removed his Monzo profile photo by any chance, has he? This would be expected behaviour if there was no Monzo profile photo chosen but there was a photo included in your iOS Contacts app. Edit: although I’m not sure why it’s no longer showing the cropped version :thinking:

Do you know anyone else on Monzo that has his number, and do you know what photo they see?

OK, just checked with my wife (who also has his number).

Either… Monzo was pulling his photo from my contacts list in the first place (and I just didn’t realise) - Or he’s deleted his photo.

It’s likely the first scenario to be honest.

So the main issue is…

Monzo is showing the un-cropped version of the photo I have for him in my contacts app.

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This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but can you try removing the photo you have for him in your Contacts app, heading into Monzo and disabling Payments with Friends, going back into Contacts to re-add the cropped version of the photo, then back into Monzo to enable Payments with Friends?

I’d like to see if this results in the photo showing as the cropped version.

Ha - Nice shot in the dark! That worked.

Is there a way we can prioritise our own contact photos over their Monzo photos?

WOO! Nice one :muscle:

Right now we prioritise the photo someone chooses to upload themselves, and I suspect this isn’t something we’ll be likely to change - but I’ll figure out who owns this bit of the app and I’ll let them know it’s something you’re keen to see!

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Awesome - Thanks Ian.

I’m “animojing” my contacts list… It looks great when they are all together!

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U need to get out more :slight_smile: :joy:


True… On many levels!

But until the world resembles my animojis… I’ll stay right here! :joy:

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How are you doing that? I kinda love the idea

I’m simply making animoji (iPhone X / iOS12) of my most used contacts!


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So you’re doing it all manually and individually?