Support lead times?

Been waiting 3 hours for a reply on the chat… Is this normal ? Not good

Yeah it’s normal unless it’s an emergency.

Close the app, carry on with your day and you’ll get a notification when someone replies :slight_smile: Just make sure your message isn’t vague so they don’t have to go back and forth asking for details.

EG: “My card isn’t working”, elaborate on what you’ve tried, what part you believe to be broken and give an example.

Shame…Oh well… hope it improves, was gonna go full Monzo but now will wait and see

Did you have a search in the help articles first?

Yes sure did. They got back to me literally 2 mins ago…

There you go, hope you get it sorted now :+1:

I personally like the chat system this way because you can leave a message, carry on with work (or whatever) and then respond at your leisure. Therefore I’m not glued to the screen, or stuck listening to on-hold music while my boss stares at me for being on my mobile :smiley:

If your issue is urgent you can expect quicker response times, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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I agree, the chat is a nice system…

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